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UAW Workers Approve GM Contract

by | November 16, 2023

In a surprise to many, the tentative deal between General Motors and the United Auto Workers was a close vote that, at one point, looked like it might fail. However, the final vote is in and the workers approved a new 4.5-year contract.

UAW lone striker 9-18-22

GM workers approved the new deal by a closer-than-expected margin. More than 54% voted yes in the end.

Approval on the tentative agreement between GM and its union workers was nearly a photo finish, but in the end, more than 54% of the UAW-represented employees voted in favor of the deal, according to multiple media reports. Neither GM nor the UAW has issued an official comment.

In fact, heading into Wednesday morning, it appeared the pact would go down in defeat — an inauspicious beginning for UAW President Shawn Fain, who recommended the deal. However, the tide began to turn when GM’s massive Arlington, Texas plant, which produces full-size SUVs, voted in favor of the deal.

According to the Detroit News, 19,683 workers voted in favor of the deal, coming in at 54.7%, while 16,274 voted against. The company’s skilled trades employees seemingly voted in favor of the contract, by a 2-to-1 margin; however, production workers were much less enthused.

The deal received support from about 82% of workers at parts plants and distribution centers as well as 96% at the Ultium Cells battery plant in Ohio, Automotive News reported. The votes at Ford and Stellantis, which are still ongoing, are expected to pass by a much wider margin.

GM Flint line worker REL

UAW Local 598 production workers at GM’s Flint Assembly led the vote against the tentative deal, with 52% saying no.

What did they get?

The workers will get a 25% wage increase over the life of the deal, as well as reinstatement of their cost-of-living adjustments, improvements to healthcare and pension benefits and more. However, there was a vocal minority who believed GM had more to give and encouraged their colleagues to vote it down.

The deal also includes $13.3 billion in new investment including an all-new Chevrolet Bolt. The new compact EV will produced at its plant in Fairfax, Kansas, Reuters reported, in 2025. Premium EVs for Cadillac and Chevrolet, expected to begin production in 2027, will be built at its Lansing Grand River Plant in Lansing, Michigan.

GM is investing $1.3 billion in the Lansing facility and $391 million in the Fairfax plant to prepare for EV production.

Headlight.News will update this story as more details become available.


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