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UAW Reveals Jeep Wrangler EV Arriving in 2028

by | November 20, 2023

UAW President Shawn Fain pledged to be transparent with union members, and that openness has including revealing future product plans, such as talking about the expected arrival of the Jeep Wrangler EV in 2028.

Jeep Wrangler charging port

The Jeep Wrangler EV is set to arrive for 2028, according to the UAW’s informational package for voting members.

The rank-and-file at the United Auto Workers union not only got a new 4.5-year contract, but members — and the public — have gotten news about the arrival of new products, including the latest revelation: the all-electric Jeep Wrangler is coming for 2028.

In fact, union officials made it simple for members to see what’s coming putting it in a big chart outlining the company’s $19 billion in new investments, including $8.1 billion in product commitments. The first thing one sees is the plug-in hybrid versions of the Wrangler and its pickup sibling, the Jeep Gladiator, get updates for 2025.

However, the next bullet point shows the “Next generation Jeep Wrangler (J70) including BEV and REPB in 2028.” A slew of other electrified activity kicks off just before that with the previously revealed plan for new midsize trucks at the company’s soon-to-be-reopened plant in Belvidere, Illinois.

The Wrangler 4xe will get an update, as well as the Gladiator hybrid, for 2025.

While there’s no word if those trucks will have electrified versions available, it’s noteworthy the union says as many as 100,000 will be produced annually. The Ram Rev production begins next year at its Sterling Heights Assembly Plant north of Detroit. Strong sales may force a hustling up of an electric version of the midsize before the end of the new deal.

More EVs

The Dodge Durango gets an all-electric version for 2026 and the next-gen Grand Cherokee, both EV and ICE, will hit the road for 2027. The union was quick to inform members checking out the specifics of the deal, that it nailed down as much work as possible in the electrified future.

“The Electric Vehicle transition is a critical moment for autoworkers everywhere,” the union said in its online information packet.

“Our job is to make sure that all auto jobs — EV and ICE — are good jobs, and that this transition does not become a race to the bottom. With that in mind, your national negotiators secured key agreements to secure our jobs and make sure new EV jobs maintain our standards and protections.”

The UAW’s product outline made no mention of the Recon, which was expected to be the all-electric alternative to the Wrangler.

While the new EVs are laudable, there is one EV that was reportedly coming, but wasn’t mentioned by name the package: the Jeep Recon.

In April, the brand confirmed plans to roll out its first all-electric model, which was dubbed the Jeep Recon. It was also readying to open up an advance order bank, with the battery-powered SUV set to go into production sometime in 2024.

Roughly Wrangler-sized, Recon is based off the new STLA Large “architecture,” one of four all-electric platforms being developed by Jeep’s parent, Stellantis.

It was set to offer many of the features that make Wrangler popular, including skid plates, an easily operated terrain management system, and removable doors and roof. Plans called for Recon to be built alongside Wrangler and then exported worldwide. However, there’s no mention of it in the materials from the UAW.


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