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Ford Uses EVs, Hybrids to Offset Tough November Sales

by | December 4, 2023

Most automakers in the U.S. enjoyed positive results in November, but Ford’s numbers ran counter to the larger trend. The Michigan-based automaker saw sales drop 0.5% last month, but it could have been worse as EVs and hybrids were up substantially.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash front 3-4 REL

Demand for Ford’s F-150 fell slightly in the November, but sales of the F-150 Lightning, above, rose 113% last month.

Ford didn’t enjoy November the way its competition did where gains ranged from “good” to “record.” The automaker’s sales were down slightly, but if you weed out the electric vehicle and hybrid sales results, the company would have seen a 6.5% loss.

The automaker’s EVs were up 43.2% on a year-over-year basis. The Mustang Mach-E was up 21.3% and the F-150 Lightning jumped 113%. Other big sellers for the automaker were the Bronco Sport, which was up 97.7%, the Maverick rose 39.2% and the outgoing Edge crossover jumped 70.9%.

Biggest losers

If there are big winners, well, then you get the Bronco, which was down 68.8% for the month. The Explorer SUV fell 23.9% and its larger sibling, the Expedition, saw sales drop 16.8%.

Ford Maverick - towing front 3-4

Maverick sales were up 39.2% in November.

However, the company was let down by a class of vehicle it can usually rely on to move metal: trucks, which were down 2.8% for the month.

Sport-utility vehicle sales were up slightly at just 0.7% and cars, i.e. the Ford Mustang — mostly, jumped 31.5%.

The F-Series, America’s most popular selling vehicle, fell 3.8%, which drove much of the decline. The company’s Ranger midsize pickup fell 91.6%, but that was largely due to the transition from the old model to the new one, of which the company tallied just 206 units sold.

While November may be a disappointment, the year-to-date numbers remain strong. The company’s sold 1.8 million new vehicles, which is a 7% jump on a year-over-year basis. Trucks are leading big with the sales up 15%, including F-Series with its 17.5% jump.


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