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Slow Roll of Chrysler Concept Continues

by | February 9, 2024

The Brand of One, better known as Chrysler, continued the slow rollout of pictures of an advanced concept vehicle for the brand, which currently comprises the Pacifica minivan, and its electrified future.

Chrysler will unveil a new concept car Feb. 13. This is the first of three teaser pics that provide an advance look at a potential path of the brand’s all-electric future.

Stellantis is charging headlong into an electrified future, offering the second in series of three pictures that are supposed to give an “advance look” of a Chrysler concept vehicle. The first was revealed Wednesday. The third and final picture is slated to be revealed Monday, Feb. 12 with a full unveiling made available to the world by heading to Feb. 13 at 5:01 a.m. ET.

Though the pictures are compelling in their composition, they are much less helpful in revealing what we may be seeing very early Tuesday morning. However, the first offering does at least offer some potential clues.

What do we see

It shows what appears to be some form of crossover or ute with a rounded front end and what appears almost to be a hood scoop. Since it’s supposed to be an electric vehicle, that seems unlikely as there is no cooling needed for that part of the vehicle, unless it somehow gets routed to the brakes, but there are more efficient designs for that functionality.

Chrysler Airflow Concept

Chrysler unveiled a “Graphite” variation of its all-electric Airflow Concept at the 2022 New York International Auto Show.

The second pic could be a closer look at that front end, perhaps the lighting. The background is largely black but the orange-red shape certainly could be some sort of indicator light while the long purple-to-white light could be a form of daytime running light, similar to the LED lighting seen on many Audis right now.

Regardless, these offerings are designed to remind us that Chrysler isn’t dead yet.

“Chrysler is sharing another advance look at a concept that exemplifies a fully electrified future for the Chrysler brand, embracing sustainability-driven exterior and interior design, full autonomy paired with personalized driving experiences, and futuristic technology that expands on the brand’s Harmony in Motion ethos of customer-focused, seamless connectivity,” the company said in a statement.

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2023 Chrysler 300C - final model

The final Chrysler 300C rolls off the assembly line.

Electrified future

The Tuesday morning reveal ideally will answer several questions that observers and Chrysler brand mavens have been waiting for, especially with the final countdown for the Chrysler 300 underway and the lack of new information about the Chrysler Airflow electric vehicle concept that’s been kicking around without any real update for months.

For now, Chrysler is essentially a one-vehicle brand: the Pacifica, and it’s only electrified not fully electric. However, the suggestions have been that Chrysler will be reborn as an electric-only premium/near luxury brand.

Perhaps we’ll actually get answers on Tuesday morning.


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