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Audi Teases Q6 E-Tron, Confirms March 18 Unveiling

by | March 8, 2024

Audi prepares to give buyers another choice in its growing e-tron family with Q6 e-tron. Confirms the model will make its official debut on March 18.

Audi Q6 e-tron prototype driving REL

Audi’s Q6 e-tron prototype will make the transformation to showroom winner March 18.

A mirage can be an alluring sight for lost travelers out in the desert. The appearance of a seemingly real pool of water in the distance promises a potential end to thirst before it fades away as you get closer to it. That proverbial bait and switch also seemingly applied to the Audi Q6 e-tron.

The German luxury car maker first started development of the Q6 nearly a decade ago with multiple teasers and announcements ultimately failing to produce any production-bound fruit. That’s changing though, with the company confirming that it will be unveiling the model on March 18.

Q6 E-Tron Teaser Signals Audi Entering Niche Segment

Q6 e-tron will be unveiled after long development process.

The lone teaser image that Audi released on its LinkedIn page indicates that the brand is finally ready to bring the Q6 e-tron to showrooms. 

The model was originally designed to compete with the BMW X6, but it will now fill a gap in Audi’s SUV lineup with the model slotting between the Q4 and the Q8 e-tron in the EV family.

Audi teased it in the past with hydrogen power, but the production version will ditch the fuel cells and embrace a traditional BEV powertrain. 

The teaser was accompanied by a caption that states “Overtake Your Expectations.” However, that might be difficult for the Q6 e-tron to do when it enters showrooms.

The EV’s long gestation period has allowed some of its potential rivals to get a head start on it, especially in terms of potential range and performance figures.

Look for those figures to reflect the model’s positioning with the potential figures being higher than the Q4 but being just below the flagship Q8 e-tron.  

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Technology Plays Prominent Role in Q6 E-Tron 

Q6 e-tron interior will bring enhanced connectivity to users.

A major selling point for the Q6 e-tron is technology and occupants will experience that in several ways when they slip inside the EV.

A curved display will house an 11.9-inch digital instrument display and a large 14.5-inch infotainment system while a smaller 10-inch screen allows the front passenger to watch movies and interact with other system features.

Passenger-mounted screens have become more prevalent in recent years, and the Q6 e-tron would stand out since it would be one of the first BEVs to bring the feature to an all-electric offering.  

Another feature is a voice assistant that’s capable of self-learning with the system studying the user’s behavior to offer them the best types of support that they might need when they are out and about in the Q6. The system also goes outside the box and will not only be represented by a voice prompt, but also via a virtual avatar that’s projected onto the dashboard and the augmented reality head-up display. 

The Q6 E-Tron will face a strong pool of rivals in the EV segment, and we look forward to seeing whether the SUV can make up lost ground and time when it makes its official debut on March 18.  


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