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United Auto Workers Union Seeks to Schedule Representation Vote At Volkswagen’s Chattanooga Plant

by | March 18, 2024

The United Auto Workers is asking the National Labor Relations Board to schedule a vote on union representation among workers at the Volkswagen assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The UAW released a new video highlighting why it wants to unionize the Chattanooga plant

In making the announcement, the UAW said a “supermajority” of Volkswagen workers have signed union cards in the 100 days since the union began its organizing drive just before Christmas.

UAW’s vote latest chapter in ongoing attempt to unionize VW’s Chattanooga plant

If the NLRB does set a date, it will be the third union vote at the plant in the past decade. Production workers have narrowly turned down UAW representation twice but workers in skilled trades voted for UAW representation in 2018.

“Today, we are one step closer to making a good job at Volkswagen into a great career,” said Isaac Meadows, a production team member in assembly. “Right now, we miss time with our families because so much of our paid-time-off is burned up during the summer and winter shutdowns. We shouldn’t have to choose between our family and our job. By winning our union and a real voice at Volkswagen, we can negotiate for more time with our families.”

A yes vote by Chattanooga plant workers would make the plant the first VW facility to have union backing

“I come from a UAW family, so I’ve seen how having our union enables us to make life better on the job and off,” said Yolanda Peoples, a production team member in assembly.

“We are a positive force in the plant. When we win our union, we’ll be able to bargain for a safer workplace, so people can stay on the job and the company can benefit from our experience. When my father retired as a UAW member, he had something to fall back on. VW workers deserve the same,” Peoples said.

The UAW also released a video on its Youtube channel highlighting some of the reasons why workers want representation in the facility.

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Filed union election request is key milestone for Chattanooga’s workers

This milestone move marks the first time a non-union auto plant has filed for a union election among the dozens of other auto plants where workers have been organizing in recent months. The grassroots effort sprang up in the wake of the record victories for Big Three autoworkers in the UAW’s historic Stand Up Strike win.

The Chattanooga plant is Volkswagen’s only U.S. assembly plant and employs over 4,000 autoworkers. It is also the only Volkswagen plant globally with no form of employee representation.

The company said in a statement, “This morning, we received notice that the UAW has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election to determine representation of Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant. We respect our workers’ right to a democratic process and to determine who should represent their interests. We will fully support an NLRB vote so every team member has a chance to vote in privacy in this important decision. The election timeline will be determined by the NLRB. Volkswagen is proud of our working environment in Chattanooga that provides some of the best paying jobs in the area.


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