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2025 Infiniti QX80 Is Their Biggest Gamble Yet, Can It Help The Brand Survive?

by | March 21, 2024

Infiniti is placing its survival in the hands of the 2025 QX80 SUV but does this revamped flagship SUV have what it takes to help Infiniti reap the rewards and prepare the brand for an EV revolution?

2025 Infiniti QX80 is the long-awaited reboot of flagship SUV

Sometimes, everything falls on one final gamble, one last moonshot play to try and recoup lost spoils. In the case of Infiniti, it’s putting all the chips it has on the line with the 2025 QX80. The Infiniti QX80 promises to be the SUV that will finally allow the brand to be a serious threat in the flagship SUV sales race. But can it indeed hang with the segment’s best while also heralding Infiniti’s future?

QX80’s styling is a much needed makeover

Infiniti is looking to breathe new life into QX80 sales with this latest round of updates


To say that the Infiniti QX80 was aging badly would be considered an understatement. The QX80 was last updated back in 2010 and while Infiniti gave it mid-cycle updates over the years, there was only so much the brand could do to hide the fact that the SUV was living on borrowed time. The 2025 model aims to eliminate this reputation with exterior styling that promises to make up for lost time.

The front end has a very expressive design with the large front grille featuring angled slats that focuses attention on the large Infiniti logo that’s placed in the center of the grille. The company says that the grille’s design was inspired by stone bridges in Japanese gardens and designers focused on adding more chiseled lines to the front end while also removing some of the odd surfacing that made the outgoing model look awkward. The upper portion of the front works together with the piano key style accents in the LED DRLs to create a unified bar that flows from one set of lights to the other.  The headlights themselves are nestled into the lower corners of the front bumper with the driver’s side fender vent serving as a functional heat extractor.

The rear of the QX80 gets a new rear lightbar that’s supposed to be inspired by light reflecting in water. To achieve this effect, Infiniti engineers put over 300 LED lights into the piece and it certainly looks stylish at night.

The exterior styling as a whole gets much of its inspiration from the QX80 Monograph concept but it remains to be seen if all of this will be enough to help it stand out against rivals. Many of them like the Cadillac Escalade, the Land Rover Range Rover, and The Lincoln Navigator have all benefitted from multiple refreshes and updates over the years and the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is all new. As a result, the QX80 feels like it’s late to the party but time will tell if the new look wins over enough buyers to help right the QX80’s sales trajectory.

QX80’s interior doubles down on the core details

QX80 interior goes all out on technology and comfort

The key selling point of any luxury SUV is its ability to coddle luxury buyers in comfort and technology. While the bulk of the segment evolved with the times, the QX80 felt like it was a lonely buoy destined to stagnantly bob in the broader ocean of the SUV wars. The 2025 model unshackles itself from this prison and goes all out in its bid to win over buyers. The interior gets semi-aniline leather seats and the second-row seats get a massage feature with the QX80 being the first Infiniti model to get the feature. It’s also the first in the segment to add a massage function for second-row passengers.

The second row also gets an infrared camera system on higher trims that can sense when a passenger is getting warm. If it does, it can tell the air conditioning to direct more cool air to that side of the vehicle to help them get more comfortable. A pair of 14.3-inch screens are used for the infotainment system and the digital instrument cluster but Infiniti’s habit of using a two-level screen layout continues with a smaller 9.0-inch screen that’s used for the climate control system. Klipsch audio systems are standard on the QX80 but if you go for either the Sensory or the range-topping Autograph model buyers will get a 24-speaker version of the system that features headrest-mounted speakers. The interior is arguably the QX80’s best weapon in its attempt to lure buyers in and when compared to others in its class, we think Infiniti might have finally cracked the code on what buyers truly want.

More power and fuel economy make QX80 shine

Twin-turbocharged V6 replaces V8 and is more fuel efficient.

The outgoing 5.6-liter V8 was old, thirsty, and very out of place in a market where smaller engines have rapidly become the new normal. The 2025 model pitches it for an all-new 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that makes 450 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. A 9-speed automatic is the lone transmission available and while it lacks a gear when compared to the 10-speed automatics that are widespread in its segment, it’s a noticeable improvement over the old seven-speed that came bundled with the V8.

In addition to the new engine, the QX80’s platform gets 57% more lateral stiffness and 300% more torsional rigidity and while it still shares its architecture with the Nissan Patrol, the QX80 promises to do a better job promoting ride comfort and poise. That includes an optional Dynamic Digital Suspension system that scans the road 100 times per second and adjusts the dampers to help reduce body roll and smooth out the ride. The system also works hand in hand with the optional air suspension system to enhance comfort further.


Higher pricing also part of the updates

New wheel designs also make their debut on the QX80

In addition to all the changes that the SUV itself experienced for the new model year, Infiniti also raised pricing for the new model year with a base Pure RWD model starting at $84,445. The Luxe RWD raises the price of entry to $91,545 but buyers get bigger 22-inch wheels and the Dynamic Digital Suspension system. All-wheel drive can be equipped to both trims but it will cost an extra $3,100.

The Sensory and Autograph models are the two premium trims and start at $102,640 and $112,590 respectively. These two variants cause the QX80 to cross the six-figure barrier for the first time and also put the model in the same league as some of its rivals in terms of price. While this might cause sticker shock for some returning buyers, it does show how confident Infiniti is in the SUV’s ability to attract buyers and time will tell if Infiniti’s pricing ladder is on the mark.

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QX80 showcases the brand’s future

While the 2025 QX80 is focusing on reviving Infiniti’s ability to compete in the flagship SUV segment, it can also be easy to forget that the model is also providing a glimpse into Infiniti’s future. The brand has said in the past that the exterior design of the QX80 is providing a preview of what future Infiniti models will look like. That includes the brand’s upcoming lineup of all-electric vehicles with style and design being key pillars for the success of these models when they eventually make their way to Infiniti showrooms.

Some of the QX80’s design language will trickle down to these models and as the brand continues to flesh out its lineup with new and revamped models it will be interesting to see if it can finally rise from the ashes after being ignored by Nissan for so many years.

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  1. It’s really a sexy S.U.V and if I can get my tires like my Bimmer X7, it’s worth looking it over,if I can get the same warranty as my. Bimmer I’m going to get it. It’s not an upgrade but rather EQUAL.


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