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A Week With: 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus

by | March 25, 2024

It’s been three years since Volkswagen introduced the ID.4, its first long-range all-electric model to reach U.S. showrooms. Since then, it has rolled out a number of variants, including the latest, the all-wheel-drive Pro S Plus. While not the fastest EV in its class, it is quicker than earlier ID.4 packages and has a number of other pluses that could broaden the EV’s appeal.

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus - rear 3-4 sunset

A rear view shows the lighting on the 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus at sunset

The all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 crossover, first launched in 2021 with rear wheel drive and then in 2023 with an all-wheel drive option, has a mid-cycle update for 2024 that includes the new AWD Pro S Plus package. The changes include more power, further driving range, an upgraded infotainment display, navigation, and other features that improve on this midsize SUV that is built in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I spent a day driving the new Pro S Plus package all over Southern California and here’s what I discovered.

Euro Design

There are subtle exterior differences between the models, with AWD badge on the front fenders differentiating the ID.4 RWD and AWD models, and for the keen of eye, there is 0.7 inches of higher ground clearance for the ID.4 AWD Pro.

Both have a classic German design with sleek LED projector headlights, located on the outer fender edges, which are connected by a signature LED light bar intersected by the lighted VW logo. The faux grille making up the lower fascia has a diamond pattern which Volkswagen says helps with air flow and aerodynamics producing a respectable 0.28 drag coefficient.

The ID.4 has a short hood compared to its competitors, resulting in there not being a front trunk, or frunk. The rear power hatch has LED tail lights connected by another light bar, which looks sharp and is standard on the S models.

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus Glass Roof

The 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus is offered with an essentially all-glass roof

Comfort and Tech

The interior of the ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus is airy, modern, futuristic, and could even be considered sparse. Large windows and the panoramic glass roof, with a power sunshade, make for a bright cabin. Seats are covered in V-Tex leatherette, a synthetic leather that is softer, warmer and lasts longer than leather. The heated and ventilated front seats have 12-way power adjustments that include 4-way lumbar, massage and memory. The second row easily accommodates two adults, three in a pinch, with the outer rear seats heated and two, convenient USB charge-only ports.

Cargo space is generous with 30.3 cubic feet capacity when the 60:40 folding rear seat is up, then expands to 64.2 cubic feet with the rear seat folded flat. For additional storage space, the rear floor in the cargo area can be removed revealing a well for storing, among other things, the charging cord.

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The ID.4 doesn’t use a conventional Start button. Slide into the driver seat and the dash comes to partial life. You then press the brake pedal and shift into gear using a stalk on the right side of the steering wheel.  When it is time to exit, simply shift to Park and the ID.4 powers down.

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus - interior v2

The 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus features twin digital displays.

Buyers now have a number of ID.4 packages to choose from, starting with the single-motor Standard making a modest 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. The 2024 ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus adds a second motor and delivers a combined 335 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque. It delivers a peppy 0 – 60 mph launch in 4.9 seconds, coming in one second faster than the single motor rear-wheel-drive ID.4.

There are four driver-selectable drive modes of Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Custom. Eco mode is the most efficient driving but dumbs-down the throttle response; Comfort (our go-to) provides both efficiency and good throttle feel; Sport adds more responsive steering and throttle response; and Custom lets you choose a blend between Comfort and Sport. All-wheel-drive models offer Traction mode, which is intended for driving on loose or slippery surfaces and features permanent all-wheel drive up to speeds of around 12 mph.

Utilizing the B drive setting gets the most aggressive motor regeneration, providing maximum battery recharging. The ID.4 does not have full one-pedal driving where it can be brought to a complete stop without touching the brake pedal, but will slow to about 1 -2 miles per hour. With the exception of coming to a full stop or in an emergency, it is easy to not touch the brake pedal as using motor regeneration is the easiest, most convenient, and smoothe

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus - front motor assembly

The 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus uses two motors. This is the front motor assembly.

st way to drive an electric car.


The 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus delivers an EPA-estimated 263 miles of range.

All ID.4 models are charged through a plug-in port using the older CCS plug. (Volkswagen plans to begin switching to the Tesla NACS port in 2025.)

Using a 120V outlet and the onboard 11 kW charger – which we don’t recommend except in emergencies – you’ll gain just 2 miles of range per hour. A 240-volt Level 2 charger will take about 8 hours to recharge a fully drained 82 kWh pack. And if you can plug into a public quick charger delivering at least 175 kW of power you’ll get up to 80% in about 30 minutes.

The ID.4 Charging Plan+, utilizing the Electrify America app, gets 500 kWh of free charging at Electrify America’s DC fast charging network at over 900 stations and more than 4,000 chargers in North America.

Cruising The Open Road

The ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus cruised at or above highway speeds with confidence, passing big rigs was not an issue thanks to the instant torque at any speed. When approaching a high or slow speed corner, the turn-in was predictable as the AWD system offered assurance of good grip. On the most aggressive corners, you can feel the 4,907 pound mass shifting ever-so-slightly, but the suspension has been designed to easily catch the shift and continue tracking through the corner.

The low center of gravity, with the 1,105 pound-batteries being located under the s

VW ID4 charging

The VW ID.4 can be charged using 120 or 240-volt standard systems or 480-volt quick chargers.

eats, made for a sure-footed driving experience with neutral handling coming from the electric rack-and-pinion power steering. The ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus has a generally comfortable ride that takes all but the largest bumps in stride, which can produce a choppy feel.

The steering is a bit light for highway speeds, but is welcome for the impressive 36.4 foot turning radius (31.5 feet for the RWD models) that made for easy U-turns. Overall, the ID.4 AWD is easy and a pleasure to drive, but should not be considered a sports crossover.

The ID.4 AWD has standard ABS and power assisted front vented and rear solid discs. Handling and driving confidence was also aided by the standard electronic stability control, electronic brake-pressure distribution, and brake assist.


The 2024 ID.4 has a 5.3-inch digital gauge display attached to the steering column as opposed to being placed in the dash. This location

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus - side v3

A side view of the 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus.

positions this information in the driver’s line of vision, eliminating the need for a Head-up display. A 12.9-inch color infotainment screen, standard on the 82 kWh models, reflects VW’s response to early criticism and is now easier to use – though some of the haptic controls can be frustrating. A 12.0-inch infotainment screen is standard on the 62 kWh battery models.

The 7-speaker sound system has FM/HD radio, SiriusXM (90 day trial), and an Alexa-like voice control system that can be triggered by saying “Hello, ID,” or “Hello, IDA.” One thing missing is AM radio – an issue with many new EVs that has Congress considering regulations would requiring this band. VW’s App-Connect provides smartphone integration and controls functions such as traffic alerts, pre-heating the interior, listening to podcasts and connecting to Internet Radio.

Additional convenience features include 30-color ambient lighting, multi-function leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel, front row USB-C data ports, dual zone automatic climate system with air filtration, fixed glass moon roof, and an illuminated carpeted cargo area with a 12-volt outlet.

All 2024 Volkswagen ID.4s come with IQ.Drive which includes advanced driver assistance systems such as forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking with front pedestrian detection, active side assist blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, lane assist, adaptive cruise control w/ Stop & Go, Travel Assist, and Emergency Assist. IQ.Drive also allows the driver to remove their hands for a few seconds and the ID.4 will steer itself. This is not a fully automated driving system but a taste of what is to come.

Final word

2024 VW ID4 AWD Pro S Plus - cargo bed

The 2024 VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus features a roomy cargo bed.

There are faster EVs on the market, claiming 0 – 60 times under 4 seconds, but the 2024 ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus, with its more powerful motors and a revised touchscreen, is a comfortable well designed compact SUV family vehicle that now takes performance up to the next level.

And for those on a tighter budget, Volkswagen wisely offers a mix of different versions of the ID.4 to be accessible to a wide swath of drivers and not just those with a need for speed.

The four-door ID.4 is solidly built, is efficient, charges at a quick pace, and comes with complementary free fast charging. With tight handling and a smooth quiet ride, the spirited all-electric driving experience lives-up to Volkswagen’s German heritage should earn it a place on your shopping list.

Pricing for the 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 family starts at $40,240 for the base Standard model with a single motor and a 62 kWh battery pack. The Pro S Plus, with its twin motors and an 82 kWh pack, starts at $56,670 – all prices shown here including $1,425 in delivery fees.


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