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Chevrolet Teases 2025 ZR1 Corvette, Confirms It WIll Be Unveiled This Summer

by | April 10, 2024

Chevrolet prepares to complete the Corvette puzzle with all-new ZR1 model. ZR1 will launch Corvette into the exotic supercar wars with more power, technology, and style. 

Corvette ZR1 will reassert itself at the top of the Vette pecking order.

Chevrolet caught the world’s attention when the brand announced that it was making the C8 Corvette a mid-engined sports car. The recently launched E-Ray model added electrification to the Vette and also gave it all wheel drive for the first time ever too. The E-Ray and the Z06 model aimed to give Vetter buyers more of what they wanted while also pushing the envelope of performance at the same time.   

However, the one piece of the puzzle that was missing was a range-topping performance model to be placed above the existing Z06. Chevrolet is changing all that with the all-new ZR1 model. The ZR1 is promising to be a game changer for the Corvette lineup and the wait will be sooner than one might think with the company releasing the first teaser for the model. 

ZR1 sets the bar for Corvette performance 

ZR1 will be attempting to launch Corvette into the big leagues for the exotic sports car market.

The ZR1 always symbolized the pinnacle of Corvette performance and was the model where Chevrolet engineers were allowed to let loose with performance upgrades. This latest ZR1 appears to largely follow the same script with the model pushing the Vette’s limits to the extreme. 

While Chevrolet’s teaser video didn’t reveal too much about the car itself, the outlines of the car in the video appear to confirm that while the ZR1 will have the same core profile as the rest of the C8 family, there will be some major differences that will set the car apart. The front splitter appears to be bigger than the Z06’s and the rear also has a prominent spoiler to help increase downforce. Look for other aerodynamically focused upgrades to be added as well but we get to wait for more teasers to get a better look at those. 


A potent V8 lurks under the skin 

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray wheels REL

In addition to the V8, look for the ZR1 to also get other performance hardware including carbon ceramic brakes

A prominent clue that emerges in the video is the engine sound that the ZR1 has. Rumors have persisted for years that the next ZR1 will get its performance from a turbocharged V8 and it appears that the rumors are true based on what we hear in the video. 

It’s not known if the V8 will retain the flat-plane crank layout that’s present in the Z06 or if Chevy engineers were forced to use a cross-plane setup to handle the extra power. Regardless, look for power figures to be a show-stealing piece of the ZR1’s identity with rumors suggesting that the ZR1 will make between 600 to 800 horsepower. With the C8’s platform not being designed to accommodate a manual transmission, expect the ZR1 to be equipped exclusively with an automatic in keeping with family tradition.  

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When Will We See It? 

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray rear night REL

The Zr1 will help make the Corvette family complete.

Chevrolet is choosing to keep core details about the ZR1 close to the vest for now, but the brand did confirm that the model will be unveiled this coming summer. In the meantime, Chevrolet will be releasing more teasers over the next few months.

When the ZR1 eventually makes its way to dealerships, look for the model to have pricing that will reflect its role as a range-topping halo model with a base model being higher than the Z06 with that version of the Vette starting at $115,390



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