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You’re Not Batman But You Can Drive Bruce Wayne’s Car

by | May 1, 2024

Young boys often grow up wishing they could be one superhero or another. However, Batman enjoys a special hold on many because of all the technology he used to fight crime — especially his cars. Now you can drive the cars as Pininfarina’s created two new versions each of the all-electric B95 hyper Barchetta and Battista hyper GT inspired by Bruce Wayne.

B95 Gotham front REL

The B95 Gotham gives you the chance to be Bruce Wayne — but not Batman.

Bruce Wayne’s a man of immense wealth and his cars — and those of his alter-ego — reflect that. Working with Wayne Enterprises, a luxury brand developed by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, you too can drive what “Master Bruce” drives.

“Our partnership with Wayne Enterprises through Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, DC and Relevance International is a natural fit for Automobili Pininfarina,” said Paolo Dellachà, chief executive officer at Automobili Pininfarina.

“It’s driven by our shared pursuit of pioneering and sustainable technologies to promote the future of mobility. This collaboration not only empowers us to ignite the imaginations of our clients but also to reach and inspire new and diverse audiences.”

Dynamic Duo

Two versions each — dubbed the Gotham and the Dark Knight — of pure-electric B95 hyper Barchetta and Battista hyper GT offer all-new and unique technical features and color palettes as a perfect expression of the brand’s philosophy, “Dream Cars. Made Real.”

B95 Gotham rear REL

The B95 Gotham is powered by four electric motors putting out a combined 1,900 horsepower.

There is a limited number of each being produced, but officials did not say what the number will be.

“Designing an all-electric hypercar inspired by Bruce Wayne is a dream assignment for our team,” said Chief Design Officer Dave Amantea, “giving them creative freedom to place themselves into the imagination of someone as iconic as Bruce Wayne. These two exclusive specifications for our two hypercars represent the ultimate vehicles for the man behind the most famous mask in the world.”

What does a dream cost? Well, the Battista variants start at $3.6 million and the Gotham offerings require the big bag: $5.2 million.

Repping Wayne Enterprises

Unfortunately, these vehicles don’t possess an array of weapons and other gadgets to help you fight crime. However, Bruce Wayne isn’t likely giving the keys to any of these vehicles to Dick Grayson troll for girls on a Saturday night either.

B95 Dark Knight front open air REL

The B95 Dark Knight races from 0 to 62 mph in less than 2 seconds and has a top speed of 186 mph.

All four cars are powered by a high-capacity 120kWh lithium-ion battery and four motors to generate 1,900 horsepower. That’s enough to propel each model from 0-62 mph in less than 2 seconds —  which is faster than today’s Formula 1 cars.

They’re all-wheel drive with full torque vectoring, feature Brembo carbon ceramic brakes with six-piston calipers front and rear, and since they’re electric, it’s important to know you can race from 20% to 80% charge in about 22 minutes on a high-speed DC charger.

The Battista has an estimated range of about 300 miles and an electronically limited top speed of 217 mph. The B95’s range was not released, but it’s got a top speed limited to 186 mph.

Gotham’s good looks

Battista Dark Knight side hard top REL

The Battista Dark Knight handles the 0-to-62 mph sprint in 1.86 seconds and is limited to 217 mph at the top end.

The Gotham’s design reflects the more gentle, civilian sophistication of Bruce Wayne. Both the B95 and Battista models are upholstered in a distinctive tan leather that includes bespoke quilting in the center panels, along with tan stitching.

The Gotham Battista’s bodywork is finished in Argento Vittorio gloss paint, complemented by the Nero Torino gloss paint Goccia roof. To finish the look, the brand’s “F” logo is back-lit and made of brushed and polished anodized aluminum. The 20-inch front and 21-inch rear alloy wheels are finished with a Prezioso Evoluzione gloss black face and matt black channel rim.

The Gotham B95’s wheels closely match those of the Gotham Battista, except they are finished in a matt black inner and gloss black outer ring, with Titan calipers and a brushed aluminum anodized black rim center lock ring to complete the look.

Battista Dark Knight front hard top REL

The Dark Knight Battista’s bodywork is finished in Nero Profondo gloss paint, with Nero Torino ‘Goccia’ roof, and Glorioso ceramic-polished rims complete the look.

Dark Knight’s edge

The Dark Knight design reflects Bruce Wayne’s use of technology to maintain an edge in his fight against Gotham City’s criminal underworld. These vehicles feature black Alcantara and black leather upholstery, with a unique black and gold duo-tone contrast stitch.

The Dark Knight Battista’s bodywork is finished in Nero Profondo gloss paint, with Nero Torino ‘Goccia’ roof, and Glorioso ceramic-polished rims complete the look. The Dark Knight B95’s exterior matches the Battista, also featuring ceramic-polished rims.

To get a closer look at these two offerings — or order one — as well as a few other modes of transportation, go to It’s worth the time.


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