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Ford Recalling 242K Trucks Due to Taillight Problem

by | May 2, 2024

Ford is recalling 242,669 2022-2024 Maverick compact pickups due to a problem with the truck’s taillights. This action makes the second time there was a recall involving the pickup last month.

2022 Ford Maverick

Ford recalled 242,669 Maverick compact pickups due to a problem with the taillights.

The Maverick’s taillights use two bulbs and both could fail to illuminate due to a problem with the Body Control Module, or BCM, being calibrated incorrectly. If the lights don’t work that could “reduce the vehicle’s visibility,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted in its filing.

Due to the issue, the BCM may incorrectly detect a current overload on one or both of the rear position lamp circuits. This could cause one or both of the lamps to deactivate during a drive cycle. The headlight, stop lamps and turn signals aren’t impacted by the issue.

Getting it fixed

The company received several complains and 11 warranty claims potentially related to the problem. However, the company noted that more than 4,700 vehicles have thrown Diagnostic Trouble Codes due to rear taillamps not working.

2022 Ford Maverick - rear on trail

An incorrectly calibrated Body Control Module could cause the taillights to fail to light up.

As of April 4, Ford isn’t aware of any accidents or injuries related to the problem. Ford provided the general reimbursement plan for the cost of remedies paid for by vehicle owners prior to notification of a safety recall in May 2023. The ending date for reimbursement eligibility is estimated to be June 3, 2024.

Owners will be notified by mail and instructed to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to have the BCM calibration updated to the latest level. There will be no charge for this service.

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Second time

The automaker recalled 2022-2023 Mavericks due to problems related to the vehicle’s 12-volt battery. The issue could have resulted in the trucks losing drive power or the failure of other components to work, such as hazard lights.

2022 Ford Maverick XLT AWD rear

Only the taillamp are affected by the current recall. No accidents or injuries resulting from the issue have been reported.

The problem also impacted 2022-2024 Ford Broncos. Overall more than 456,000 vehicles were recalled.

“An insufficient calibration strategy for detecting sudden battery degradations during a drive cycle can lead to (a) a vehicle that is unable to restart after and auto start/stop event or (b) experience a stall while coming to a stop at low speed. Either may be accompanied by a loss of 12-volt accessories, including hazard lights,” the agency noted in a report.

Ultimately there are 917 warranty reports, 11 field reports and 54 customer complaints regarding the issue. There are also three unverified reports of fire and two property damage claim as of Feb. 8.


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