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Mazda Confirms Next Generation CX-5 Will Get Hybrid Engine

by | May 13, 2024

 Mazda confirms that hot-selling CX-5 model will get hybrid engine to help it fall in line with company’s electrification plans

Mazda CX-5

Mazda confirmed that the updated CX-5 will get a hybrid engine

The Mazda CX-5 is one of the oldest models the Japanese automaker has in its vehicle lineup. But while it’s becoming harder to hide the CX-5’s age, that has not stopped it from continuing to be the best-selling model that the company has with Mazda saying that it sold 153,808 units last year. The CX-90 and the CX-50 also pull their share of the weight in Mazda’s sales numbers, but neither of them can hold a candle to the high amount of loyalty that the CX-5 has with family buyers.

That loyalty will help the CX-5 get another generation with Mazda confirming that it will not only be preparing a revamped CX-5, but that this model will also get a hybrid engine in an attempt to improve fuel economy and performance as the next-generation CX-5 attempts to stand out in a segment where evolution and innovation have become key selling points the past few years with the current generation model missing out on the latter during its long period on sale.

CX-5 hybrid prefers to be seen not heard

CEO Moto with Mazda Iconic SP doors open REL

CX-5 hybrid is part of a broader plan by Mazda for electrification

Mazda reps chose to confirm the CX-5 hybrid quietly in a document that focused on the company’s financial results for the fiscal year which ended on March 31st. But while the CX-5 hybrid is flying under the proverbial radar for now, it will ultimately be a welcome addition to the CX-5 family and will play a prominent role in helping the company generate viable long-term sales returns.

Neither Mazda nor the document itself revealed whether the CX-5 will get a plug-in or self-charging hybrid setup but it’s known that the hybrid powerplant will be built entirely in-house by Mazda with the company perhaps applying some of what it’s learned from Toyota into the model with the company already using Toyota’s green tech in some of its international market offerings. That includes the CX-50 Hybrid in China with that model using technology from the RAV4.

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Peaceful co-existence to define CX-5’s future

Mazda CX-50

Mazda also confirmed that the CX-5 and CX-50 will continue to be sold together

When the CX-50 was revealed, there were some questions about whether the CX-5 would be retired due to the potential for internal sales cannibalization between the two utility vehicles. However, the CX-5’s enduring popularity (especially when compared with the CX-50’s lower sales numbers last year) is encouraging Mazda to adopt a strategy of co-existence with both models continuing to be offered at the same time.

This move makes sense since both models appeal to distinct customer targets and Mazda is looking to maximize any opportunity it can get to generate maximum long-term profits. This is also apparent in the aggressive strategy Mazda has undertaken in recent years to expand its fleet of SUV and CUV offerings. While the company has occasionally hit a speed bump with models like axed the CX-3, the strategy has evolved to better reflect what customers want. The CX-90 and the CX-70 appeal to buyers looking for a flagship SUV offering while budget-minded buyers are directed to the smaller CX-30.

A side-effect of this approach is that Mazda lots can feel a bit crowded with all the SUV models that are available for buyers to choose from. However, look for this to possibly change in the future with Mazda potentially streamlining the lineup to reduce the glut though it remains to be seen what models would be cut from production if the company chooses to embark on such a program.




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