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Jeep Wagoneer S Drag Races Tesla Model Y Ahead of May 30th Debut

by | May 23, 2024

Jeep sends bold message to Tesla with latest Jeep Wagoneer S teaser video

Jeep Wagoneer leaked image

Jeep released a new teaser video confirming the Wagoneer S is debuting May 30th

Jeep is preparing to accelerate its plans toward electrification with the 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S. The Wagoneer S represents a big leap for Jeep and is not only the first EV to be ever produced under the iconic Wagoneer nameplate but is also the first pure electric Jeep model to be sold in the U.S. As a result, it has the figurative weight of the world on its shoulders and the brand will use it as a core pillar for its growing EV operations.

So far the Wagoneer S has done a good job avoiding detection since it first appeared as a concept and other than a quick encounter we had some time ago, it has remained an elusive beast. That’s changing though, with a new teaser video not only confirming the Wagoneer S will be making its debut on May 30th, but it also intends to slay Teslas wherever it goes

Wagoneer S has Model Y’s number

Jeep Wagoneer S rear driving

Wagoneer S will be based on the new STLA Large electric vehicle platform Stellantis is developing for some of its biggest models.

The video is dubbed “Surpass Yourself” and was shot at the Willow Springs Race Track in California. Performance numbers for the Wagoneer S were confirmed a while back with the all-electric SUV producing 600 horsepower and 617 lb-ft of torque. However, Jeep allowed the world to finally get a glimpse of its 0 to 60 sprint time with the EV managing to do the deed in 3.4 seconds. This figure is a hair faster than the last Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and is also conveniently faster than the Tesla Model Y Performance.

Speaking of Tesla, the teaser video also appears to be an artistic call out to the brand with the Jeep going head-to-head with the Tesla at the track for the bulk of the video. The Model Y is a lucrative sales target for the Wagoneer S and we suspect Jeep did their homework when it came to surpassing that model. We certainly give them good marks for that with the prototype we spotted in Metro Detroit laying down plenty of rubber to elude our camera. Jeep wasn’t as cut and dry about the Wagoneer S’s range with the video only saying the model will get 300+ miles of range. Since Jeep chose to shoot the teaser video with pre-production units, look for the number to possibly change when the EV makes its debut later this month.

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Wagoneer S will share common EV DNA

Wagoneer S head-on shot

Wagoneer S is expected to be a major player for Jeep’s green vehicle sales

When the production Wagoneer S makes its appearance, the SUV will be underpinned by the STLA Large platform. This platform was designed from the ground up for EV applications and is also used on the SRT Charger Daytona. The platform is also highly flexible and Stellantis has said in the past that the architecture can support 85 to 118 kW battery packs with engineers having the ability to easily alter the platform to suit the needs of a particular model.

The setup also includes an 800-volt system but don’t be surprised if Jeep also includes an ICE version of the S to help it appeal to more customers. This concession was also made in the Charger and expect a potential ICE variant to be powered by the familiar 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six which also powers its blockier-shaped sibling. Unlike the Jeep Avenger, the Wagoneer S will be a global product and is expected to be a major player in Jeep sales moving forward.

Thankfully, it won’t have to shoulder the burden alone for long with the brand also rolling out a second EV called the Recon. Unlike the Jeep, the Recon will be targeting buyers in lower price points and its resemblance to the Jeep Wrangler is no accident either with the brand hoping to appeal to buyers who love the Wrangler’s rough-and-tumble design but prefer an all-electric driving experience.



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