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Alpha Motor’s Pushing EV Off-Road Bounds with NightWolf

by | October 9, 2023

California-based Alpha Motor Corp. keeps pushing the limit with its off-road ready electric pickup, the NightWolf. The rough-and-tumble two-seater just completed some rigorous testing as it moves through its development.

Alpha NightWolf front 3-4 REL

Alpha Motor Corp. continues the development of its all-electric pickup with the new NightWolf prototype.

Now that it’s been proven the public will by an all-electric pickup courtesy of the Ford F-150 Lightning, the upstart market is looking to get a piece of the action, especially Alpha Motor Corp. with its new NightWolf concept.

Alpha, based in the Irvine, California, has been working on a variety of concepts for several years now, but the NightWolf is the latest update to its Wolf pickup, and perhaps its most appealing. Off-road capable pickups are coming into vogue for not just their torque-heavy performance, but also their quiet running, which allows occupants to better take in their surroundings.

Alpha NightWolf rear 3-4 REL

Alpha’s NightWolf electric pickup just went through another round of difficult testing.

“The Wolf electric truck was successfully driven through the Southern California desert during the Summer where temperatures exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The test drive included driving over rugged terrain, which also demonstrated the truck’s off-road capabilities. NightWolf speaks to the fun-to-drive personality that is engineered into the WOLF truck which includes vehicle customization that is user-friendly,” said company officials in a statement.

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The company’s been rolling out plenty of prototypes of sedans and crossovers, but has been zeroing on the development of the Wolf, which made its debut July 31 on YouTube and other social media formats.

The original kicked off with a video showing it buzzing around some dirt roads in California and in other areas. The all-black exterior gives it a dark, almost sinister look. The NightWolf takes that a few steps further.

The Alpha NightWolf features a solar roof, but the company didn’t reveal any specs about it.

NightWolf is purpose-built to conquer rugged terrains and tackle challenging off-road conditions. Its robust body-on-frame construction, complemented by durable lightweight materials, seeks to ensure enhanced efficiency, the company said.

Alpha designed NightWolf with a low center of gravity, achieved through battery placement central to the vehicle chassis. This configuration provides superior handling and responsiveness, making off-road journeys thrilling and enjoyable.

Officials earlier claimed the Wolf will be initially equipped with a 150-kW electric motor generating 258 pound-feet of torque through the rear wheels. Alpha states the single motor Wolf will reach 60 mph in 6.2 seconds, has a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds and boasts a 275-mile range.

The NightWolf will come with an option for dual motors, all-wheel drive with anywhere from 250-to-275 miles of range. Towing capacity and the 0-60 time are the same as the regular Wolf. It seats two folks in the cab.

It also Black Rhino Wheels, ROAM Adventure Co, KC Lights, DMOS Collective, BF Goodrich Tires and believe it or not, a solar panel on the roof of the bed cover. No specs for the solar panel were provided, not was a possible production date for the truck, officials saying only the truck and that build schedule were both “in development.”


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