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Tesla Unveils New Model 3

by | January 10, 2024

Many Tesla critics often ask, if the company released a next-gen variant of any of its vehicles, would anybody know? Apparently, the answer is yes as Tesla has just released the latest version of its Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Model 3 update front 3-4

Tesla rolled out the new Model 3 with some noticeable updates, including a revised front fascia.

Tesla’s made tweaks to its vehicles over the years, but it’s often been difficult to tell the difference between updated models because the changes are so minor they’re imperceptible to all but the most ardent admirers of the company and its vehicles.

The next-generation Model 3 gets a pretty substantial update with a very noticeable change to the vehicle’s front fascia as well as what appears to be a lower belt line. That line carries across into a rear fender that looks more flared than its predecessor. The new version’s already been revealed in China and Europe.

Perhaps most importantly, the new model arrives with no price increase. It’s likely the rest of the lineup will be getting substantive updates as well. The exterior updates aren’t the only improvements on the new Model 3.

The newest version of the long-range and rear-wheel drive vehicles get a new rear display for the back seat, according to Tesla’s website. Also new is the range of the new long-range model. It can travel up to 341 miles on a full charge, which is an improvement from the 333 miles its predecessor reportedly traveled.

Range revisions

Tesla Model 3 update rear 3-4

The new Model 3 long-range version gets 341 miles on a full charge, an increase over its predecessor at 333 miles.

After some pressure from federal regulators, Tesla recently released revised range estimates for its vehicles. The vast majority of those were down, ranging from seven to 28 miles per charge. The company offered no explanation for the move, although it was known the Department of Justice was investigating the EV maker about this issue and others.

The Model 3 and Cybertruck are unaffected by the range revisions. And one version of the Model S sedan, the Long-Range package with 21-inch wheels, actually got a bump up, according to the Tesla website, from 375 to 382 miles. With 19-inch wheels, the Model S Long-Range keeps its promised 405-mile range estimate.

As with the fuel economy ratings with conventional, gas and diesel-powered vehicles, automakers stress that range, just like mileage, can vary significantly. Factors that can play a role include driver behavior as well as weather. Range routinely drops by as much as 40% once outside temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

But Tesla has frequently been called out by owners, as well as industry trackers, for posting range estimates that tend to fall short, even under the most ideal conditions. A study published by Consumer Reports last June found that, even under the most ideal situations, the Tesla Model Y managed just 274 miles per charge, and that dropped to 186 miles in cold weather. Until the new revisions, the crossover was rated as high as 326 miles per charge.

Tesla Model 3 updated interior

Designers completely made over the interior of the Model 3, the company noted.

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Pricing and changes

The Model 3 rear-wheel drive version starts at $38,990, while the long-range iteration costs $45,990. Teslas are no longer eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, based on new guidance under the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act, Reuters reported. That is, if you buy it. Leasing a Tesla or any vehicle still gets you the full $7,500 credit.

Tesla has removed the Model 3 Performance variant, which was the most expensive version of the compact sedan at $50,990 before the federal tax credit, from its North American websites, Reuters noted.


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