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Jeep Confirms Four-Wheel Drive Is Coming to Avenger CUV With New 4xe Model

by | February 27, 2024

Jeep confirms that all-new Avenger 4xe will get four-wheel drive to help it fall in line with the rest of the Jeep family in Europe. Still no plans for it to be sold in the U.S.

The Jeep Avenger 4xe will be getting four-wheel drive when it arrives — in Europe only. There are no plans to sell it in the U.S.

The Jeep Avenger is shaping up to be a key product for the off-road brand in Europe. Its small size helps it perform well in urban population centers while three different powertrains (ICE, PHEV, and EV) allow it to cover a wide range of markets and consumer tastes.

However, the one crucial ingredient that was missing from the Avenger was a four-wheel drive system with all models being front-wheel drive. Jeep is addressing this oversight by adding the all-new 4xe variant which will bring four-wheel drive to the Avenger CUV for the first time ever and make the green CUV trail ready.

Avenger now trail-ready 

The exterior styling of the Avenger made it look like it was ready for adventures, but the newly added four-wheel drive system finally gives the Avenger a chance to transform from looking like a weekend warrior into an offering that has the chops to back up its Jeep badge and rugged suit of clothes.

While the Avenger 4xe looks adventure-ready, the new four-wheel drive ensures it.

A prominent catch here is that the all-wheel drive system is only available on the 4xe but it manages to achieve this capability thanks to some clever innovations by Jeep engineers.

Unlike other 4xe models, the Avenger’s version of the trim is not a formal plug-in hybrid model but is instead a mild-hybrid setup that combines a 134-horsepower ICE engine with two electric motors.

One of these electric motors is located in the six-speed dual-clutch automatic and special “power looping” technology helps all the wheels get equal amounts of power regardless of how much juice is in the battery pack. This setup also allows the 4xe to run on electric power only at low speeds for short distances though Jeep reps stopped short of revealing specific numbers for both of those categories.

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Avenger 4xe sports rugged looks

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While Jeep was eager to share plenty of details about the performance and electrification technology lurking under the Avenger 4xe’s rugged skin, the brand chose to keep other details about the 4xe to itself including the interior and the technology lurking within.

The lone exception is the exterior styling which was previewed in several renderings that Jeep released. The renderings show that the 4xe will have a more aggressive look to it with bigger wheel flares, a large roof rack, and a new front fascia that shares a lot of its looks with the Avenger 4×4 concept which made its debut at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

Look for more information to emerge on the Jeep Avenger 4xe in the next few months with Jeep confirming that order books for the 4xe will open before the end of the year.


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