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Buick Reveals New “Exceptional” Slogan, Provides Another Glimpse Of Updated Wildcat Concept

by | February 28, 2024

Buick prepares to enter new phase of marketing push with all-new slogan while also providing the world another glimpse of the updated Wildcat concept.

The Buick Wildcat EV concept conveys the all-new design language that will influence Buick production models for the foreseeable future.

Buick is in the midst of a reboot and while the brand’s path towards this goal has been noticeably slower than the rest of its teammates.

GM is still committed to Buick and has released a new video that not only debuts a new slogan for its entry-level luxury brand but also provides another glimpse of the updated Buick Wildcat Concept to remind us that it’s still not for sale and that it looks good from any angle.  

New slogan prepares Buick for new era 

In the video Buick released, the brand revealed that moving forward it will be using the “Exceptional by Design” slogan in all of its marketing. This new slogan replaces the last major one Buick used “The Craft of Luxury” which made its appearance way back in 2008 before it faded away. 

The new slogan could also replace the “S(You)V” tagline that has made the rounds in Buick’s current advertisements in recent years.

Buick says that it chose the new slogan after extensive consumer testing and that it will reflect its newfound focus on design moving forward.

Closeup shot of the Buick Proxima concept vehicle’s rear wheel.

That will be achieved by using the Wildcat as a proverbial blueprint with the new models taking select traits from the coupe for their own exterior styling touches.

Wildcat Concept tease

In addition to the new slogan, the promotional video also provided another glimpse of the updated Wildcat EV concept. The original EV show car made its debut back in 2022 and the name made its inaugural appearance on three Harley Earl penned concepts in the 1950s before being briefly promoted to a production model in the 1960s and the early 70s. It appeared again on concepts in the 1980s and 1990s before coming back for the aforementioned EV in 2022. 

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A Buick designer sketching the new Buick logo

The updated Wildcat featured in Buick’s video has had some changes from its 2022 predecessor with the grille work and the headlights being changed to promote a sportier look. We last saw it late last year when the General Motors Design Instagram page featured it in a post.

Buick still says that the Wildcat is not entering formal production but it’s rather interesting to see that Buick is continuing to refine it so perhaps Buick knows something we don’t. 

The slogan is now on display over at Buick’s website and other online materials with Buick’s televised marketing potentially following suit over the next few months. 


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