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Cadillac’s Opulent Velocity Concept Teases EV Performance Future

by | March 13, 2024

Cadillac prepares to shift its EV ambitions into high gear with first tease of the Opulent Velocity concept. The mysterious show car promises to rewrite EV performance but leaves more questions unanswered. 

Cadillac is preparing to transition into an all-electric future. While the brand has shown several concept vehicles in recent years, it currently has only two in production, the ultra-rare $340,000 Cadillac Celstiq sedan and the Cadillac Lyriq CUV.

However, that’s not stopping the brand from sharing more details about its EV plans with the luxury icon releasing a new teaser video that previews its newest concept, the Opulent Velocity. 

Opulent Velocity infuses luxury and performance into one distinct package 

Cadillac’s brief teaser video blurs out the Opulent Velocity’s styling but some of the bits and pieces that are visible do paint a very rosy picture for the concept. The front fascia has a pointed nose with a large, illuminated Cadillac emblem positioned front and center while the low-slung roof line and large taillights suggest that we could be looking at a sleek sporty coupe.positioned front and center while the low-slung roof line and large taillights suggest that we could be looking at a sleek sporty coupe. 

Cadillac says that the concept is also supposed to represent “the past, present, and future of Cadillac and its performance brand” but while it certainly looks very futuristic through the blurry haze the video is shot in, we’ll have to wait until things come into focus to see if we can spot any retro DNA buried in the sheet metal. 

The other major item that sticks out in Cadillac’s video is that the concept also appears to have a digitized exhaust note which would be similar to the “Fratzonic Exhaust” system that Dodge will be using on EV versions of the 2025 Dodge Charger.

It’s not known what Cadillac is calling its twist on the feature, but adding digital exhaust sounds to EVs is a growing trend and we look for more of them to embrace this over the next few years.  

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The shape of things to come?

The appearance of the Opulent Velocity comes as the brand is preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its V-Series performance brand which launched in March of 2004.

V models were supposed to be Cadillac’s answer to established German competition in the performance car arena and while V8 engines initially defined its early years, the V-Series moniker has evolved with the times and buyers have more powertrains to choose from. 

The next logical step in this process would be the jump into electrified vehicles with the V-Series models potentially serving as halo models for the brand moving forward.

This halo status would serve a two-fold purpose and will not only allow these models to get well-heeled buyers to buy them, but also other consumers that want to see them when they first walk in the showroom but ultimately choose to buy a different Cadillac EV vehicle instead. 

 It’s not known when Cadillac will be formally unveiling the Opulent Velocity but look for more teasers to emerge in the near future especially as the luxury brand prepares to celebrate the V-Series’s 20th birthday this year.  


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