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Mercedes-Benz Brings The Fight To Ghostbutsers Franchise With ECTO-Z Sprinter

by | March 16, 2024

 Mercedes-Benz ECTO-Z Van brings all-season capability to Ghostbuster’s arsenal of spectral fighting technology. Will be featured in upcoming Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire movie. 

The Ghostbusters franchise is better known for its large rogue gallery of ghosts and villains. However, the wild vehicles that the tram uses to hunt them down also take their share of the spotlight too. ECTO-1 is the most iconic vehicle in this regard and originally started life as a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Miller Meteor ambulance. However, with the villain in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire raising the stakes for the entire world, the team needed a beefier vehicle to haul their gear and Mercedes-Benz decided to come to the rescue with the all-new ECTO-Z sprinter van. 

ECTO-Z has plenty of space for ghostbusting gear  

ECTO-Z will play a supporting role in GhostBusters: Frozen Empire

At first glance, the ECTO-Z doesn’t stand out too much from its iconic predecessor with the van ditching the bold fins and chrome trim of its predecessor for a simpler boxy look with Ghostbuster logos being placed on the sides and rear of the van. The ECTO-Z also gets a black paint job with matching black steel wheels. Open the rear swinging doors and the van’s hauling capabilities are thrusted into the spotlight with the rear of the ECTO-Z having enough room to haul a small armory of Ghostbusters tech including proton packs, ghost traps, and muon scrubbers.  

The van also comes with heated seats which helps the team keep warm when fighting the icy horrors that will be unleashed in the upcoming movie.  

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ECTO-Z is ready for any type of weather

ECTO-Z Sprinter has impressive agility despite its large size

The plot of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire focuses on the main villain threatening to plunge the world into a new ice age and while Mercedes-Benz didn’t reveal too much information about the performance hardware lurking under its battle-ready styling, it’s a safe bet that this rig is ready for any season. The standard Sprinter gets a four-cylinder diesel engine that can be paired with one or two turbochargers. We suspect this creation has the high-output twin-turbo version of the engine which makes 211 horsepower and can be paired with an optional all-wheel drive system. 

 That combination should be enough to help get the team and their gear to the heart of the “Frozen Empire” and save the world. Fans wondering if the ECTO-1 has been axed from the flick will have nothing to fear with the iconic Cadillac still playing a prominent part in the movie alongside the Sprinter.

ECTO-Z has room for small arsenal of ghost fighting equipment.


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire will make its way to theaters nationwide on March 22nd, and we have included a link to the official trailer here.  


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