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2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Gets Beefier Battery and Styling Tweaks

by | April 11, 2024

Mercedes-Benz adds more S-Class inspiration to the all-electric EQS for 2025 as the company attempts to keep the model firmly in the minds of EV buyers while also fending off challenges from EV rivals. 

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS enters the new model year with minor updates.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS represented what would happen if you took an S-Class’s insane levels of luxury and infused it into a futuristic package capable of taking on the Tesla Model S, Audi E-Tron GT, and the Lucid Air. The model impressed us with its interior technology including its massive Hyperscreen system which puts three large screens under one single pane of glass. 

But the company knows that it’s always good to keep up to date on the latest EV trends and that means giving the EQS a light set of updates for the new model year to keep it in prime fighting shape. They include a beefier battery pack and minor styling tweaks to help it lure in more buyers that might have otherwise passed on the model due to its odd proportions. 

New front fascia gives EQS fresh perspective 

New front fascia adopts more traditional look and the familiar three-pointed star hood ornament

The exterior updates Mercedes stylists made to the EQS are focused exclusively on the front end with the car getting a redesigned grille panel that now gets horizontal slats in an attempt to build on its connection to the ICE-powered S-Class. The front also gets a new free-standing Mercedes star ornament which gives the EQS a traditional look though we suspect this particular change was really done to address complaints from customers who preferred the familiar look to the outgoing model’s placement of the emblem in the center of the grille panel.  

All EQS models will also have the formerly optional AMG line front bumper standard but the rest of the car will carryover unchanged from the outgoing 2024 model. That means the controversial egg-shaped profile will remain intact with Mercedes saying in the past that the look helps the EV slice through the air better. The interior also carries over mostly unchanged with the only revisions being minor trim and material changes to enhance comfort. 

Beefier battery bumps up EQS range 

A beefier battery pack is included but we get to wait a bit to hear how much range has gone up.

While it may seem like Mercedes-Benz chose to treat the EQS with kid gloves for the bulk of its updates, the German luxury car maker chose to focus its attention beneath the sheetmetal with the 2025 model getting a bigger 118 kWh battery pack. That replaces the smaller 108.4 kWh pack and will enhance range though the company was not ready to reveal how much it will go up.

The new battery is also accompanied by revised regenerative braking software that promises to capture higher amounts of energy when braking to help keep the battery charged for longer periods of time. 

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You’ll have to wait your turn 

The interior still boasts S-Class levels of comfort and technology.

Buyers that want to add the 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS to their garage will have to wait a while for their chance to buy one. Mercedes-Benz revealed that the 2025 model will be entering dealer lots later this year and stopped short of confirming the final pricing ladder too. 

We suspect that the pricing ladder will creep upward slightly when compared with the outgoing model. For reference, the base 2024 EQS 450+ has a base price of $104,400 with the EQS 580 and the range-topping AMG model starting at $125,950 and $147,550 respectively.  


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