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VinFast Founder Announces Creation of V-Green

by | March 18, 2024

 VinFast founder’s new V-Green charging company will expand VinFast’s charging capabilities as the company prepares to enter key phase of its business plan. 

VinFast is trying to make a name for itself in the global EV marketplace. While broader demand as a whole has started to cool across the entire EV marketplace, the company is still confident that it can carve a slice of the market out for itself with its growing lineup of models. However, the firm also knows that global charging networks remain a key obstacle to its long-term success and that’s why VinFast’s founder Pham Nat Vuong announced the formation of V-Green to try and address these challenges head-on. 

V-Green will focus on enhancing VinFast’s charging network

VinFast VF 3 concept nose

Like the Jimny, the VF 3 is a two-door, two-box design with sufficient interior space to accommodate up to five people.


As the name implies, V-Green has one core mission and that’s to help enhance support for VinFast products in markets where there are challenges in establishing a reliable charging network.  

the company is attempting to do this by not only finding the land and real estate needed to build these projects but also partners involved to help streamline the process. “V-Green will directly search for land and partners to establish and expand its charging network in key markets of VinFast” stated Vuong.

The company’s idea of luring in partners for some of these projects will be beneficial in the long-haul since it will help reduce costs for some of these new charging stations while also spreading the costs out more efficiently. 


V-Green to start in Vietnam before spreading to other regions 

V-Green will start in Vietnam before gradually expanding its footprint to other countries.


V-Green has plans to expand its presence to international markets, but for now the company will focus its operations on its home market of Vietnam. In that country, the company will be responsible for managing VinFast’s existing charging network while also exploring ways to expand the network to more customers.  

This will be achieved as a part of a new two-year plan that will see V-Green spend $404 million on outlets and upgrades to the charging network. Starting in Vietnam will also give the new firm time to get real world data on its operations before expanding to other countries with the lessons it learned from Vietnamese customers. 

Eventually, V-Green will also expand access to its charging network to other EV brands but only after it has completed five years of operation which is also a move to buy the company time to study and prepare for the broadening of access which might require additional hardware and investment to pull it off properly. 

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V-Green will play key role in VinFast’s future growth

V-Green will come as company prepares to expand its vehicle lineup with models like the VF3 and Wild EV pickup.

The creation of V-Green also comes at a pivotal time for VinFast as the company prepares to expand its lineup with more models in an attempt to compete with EV rivals. In the U.S. VinFast will be following up on the VF8 with the 2026 VF3 compact SUV which will be targeting budget-minded EV buyers with the company saying that it will start under $20,000.

A key obstacle for the VF3 is establishing a reliable charging network and this new charging company could help play a role in solving that problem once it expands its international footprint to include the U.S.   



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