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VinFast Making Moves to Expand in U.S.

by | January 5, 2024

After a few hiccups, Vietnamese automaker VinFast is on the move again in the U.S., adding four independent dealers to its network as well as preparing to introduce two concept vehicles at CES that could find their way into those dealerships in the future.

VinFast is on the move again in the U.S., planning to show off two new concept vehicles at CES.

The company initially made a splash a few years back by making a complete shift from gas-powered vehicles to an all-electric lineup before it produced much of anything. Last year it sent over its first 999 vehicles for delivery but ran into a variety of snags and problems with the vehicles.

On top of that, when its first entry, the VF 8 was driven by the motoring press in America, it received harsh reviews. The company took it in stride saying it would learn and improve. It began to rally a bit when it held a groundbreaking ceremony in North Carolina for its vehicle and battery plant it hopes to have up and running by the end of 2025.

Seemingly the company took a breath as there wasn’t much to hear until recently when it opened its first independent dealership last week. That was followed up with the three more new stores and news it plans to show off two concept vehicles at CES next week.

“CES is a highly influential consumer technology exhibition in technology and particularly in the EV industry,” said Tran Mai Hoa, VinFast Global deputy CEO of sales and marketing, in a statement. “Our presence at CES 2024 affirms our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transportation, and we are excited to showcase the groundbreaking innovations that will further propel us towards this ambitious goal.”

Concepts at CES

VinFast service pitch pic

VinFast also set up its first four independent dealers in the U.S. just after the start of the new year.

Like most EV makers right now, VinFast’s vehicles are pretty pricey, well over the $50,000 mark after a few options. However, one of the company’s two concepts coming to Las Vegas is the VF 3, a small microcar the company describes as a “mini eSUV.”

It’s a squared-off compact that could be an early entry into the sub-$30K electric vehicle segment — a category that is sorely lacking in products right now. One of the big criticisms of the segment is most EVs are not affordable to the general buying public.

VinFast will also display its all-electric VF 9 full-size SUV which incorporates a new streaming service into the vehicle, providing CES 2024 attendees with a unique firsthand in-car experience of the new technology.

Places to sell

The company opened its first group of independent dealers to move its metal.

The first group of VinFast dealers consist of Leith VinFast (Raleigh, North Carolina), Smith Haven VinFast (St. James, New York), Principle VinFast Grapevine (Grapevine, Texas), Hiley VinFast of Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas), and VinFast Wichita (Wichita, Kansas).

These dealers will initially begin selling the VinFast VF 8 all-electric SUV, with plans to add the VF 6, VF 7 and VF 9 models when they launch in the U.S. market.

All VinFast customers who purchase or lease a VinFast electric vehicle are eligible for VinFast’s aftersales policies, including a 10-year/125,000-mile warranty for the vehicle and 10-year unlimited mileage for the battery under non-commercial use.


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