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Here are the 40+ EVs Coming to Market in 2024

by | December 28, 2023

As recently as 2019 you’d have to struggle to find an EV at your local showroom. Today, however, there are more than 50 different nameplates available in the U.S., the vast majority offered with range exceeding 200 miles — and some products doubling that figure. But the pace of introductions is only set to accelerate, with dozens of new battery-electric vehicles soon coming to market. Headlight.News checks out the most interesting and important products debuting in 2024.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ Sport front 3-4 REL

With the arrival of the new year comes a slew of new electric vehicle introductions, like the Cadillac Escalade IQ.

To read some recent headlines you might think that the U.S. EV market is running out of energy. That’s far from reality. For starters, the battery-electric share of retail sales has grown from less than 1% in 2019 to more than 8% this year – and, when the final figures are tallied, 2023 will mark the first year in which EV sales topped 1 million.

True, that market share has flattened out a bit, according to J.D. Power, but sales are still increasing along with overall U.S. vehicle sales recovering from the COVID pandemic and semiconductor shortages.

One key reason: a growing list of options for EV buyers. Today, you can find all-electric options from more and more manufacturers and in more and more product segments, from minicars to full-size pickups. And 2024 will bring another wave of entries — and even more brands, such as Honda and Acura – into the EV fold. Here’s a look at some of the more compelling products coming.

2024 Acura ZDX Type S blue front 3-4 REL

EVs, like this 2024 Acura ZDX, will flood the market next year.

Acura ZDX

Slow to enter the EV market, Honda’s luxury arm is finally ready to compete with the new ZDX – which borrows its name from an old, conventionally gas-powered coupe-crossover. To get into contention, Acura turned to General Motors for help and the ZDX will use the same Ultium platform and batteries as models like the Cadillac Lyriq. Its 102 kWh pack is expected to deliver up to 325 miles range. Two variants are coming, starting with the 340-hp rear-wheel-drive A-Spec, and then the Acura ZDX Type S with a twin-motor all-wheel-drive performance package making a combined 500 hp.

Audi A6 e-tron and Q6 e-tron

Audi A6 e-tron driving

Audi’s A6 e-tron shares the same architecture with the Porsche Macan EV.

The German brand has committed to going 100% all-electric and is ramping up its rollout with a pair of midsize offerings coming next year. Both the A6 e-tron sedan and Q6 e-tron crossover will ride on the PPE, or Premium Platform Electric, architecture that also will be shared with the upcoming Porsche Macan EV. Migrating to an 800-volt electrical system will help boost performance, charging speed and range — which will top 400 miles on some versions of the sedan, 315 miles on the crossover. Depending upon the trim, the A6 will reach as much as 469 hp, with the SQ6 pushing 482 ponies — before its boost mood is triggered, adding a brief burst of 20 additional hp.

Buick Electra

Buick’s first EV for the U.S. will be the Electra.

Buick Electra

This GM brand is already offering all-electric options in China, its largest market. But it’s just getting around to delivering a battery-powered option for the States. Based on a well-received concept vehicle, the Buick Electra will be roughly the same size as the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV and share it Ultium platform and battery pack. Buick has yet to reveal many details about its plans for Electra and may use that as the name for an entire sub-brand of all-electric models, this version formally known as the E5. Look for a range of at least 300 miles – though we may see several battery pack options.

Cadillac Celestiq for Neiman Marcus REL

Cadillac offered a special version of the Celestiq through the Neiman Marcus catalogue.

Cadillac Celestiq and Escalade iQ

General Motors’ luxury brand intends to go all-electric by 2030 and has revealed an assortment of upcoming models. Next up, however, will be the two nameplates that will serve as its halo models, the Cadillac Celestiq and Cadillac Escalade iQ. The latter package has much in common with the more familiar, gas-powered “bling” machine, with a lavishly appointed and cavernous interior, as well as significant muscle — as much as 750 hp. It shares its 200 kWh pack with the GMC Hummer EV to get up to 400 miles range. The Celestiq, meanwhile, aims to restore Cadillac’s once-hallowed position as “standard to the world.” The 600-hp grand tourer will be hand-built and offer the sort of one-off customization options of a Bentley or Rolls-Royce — with a starting price of $300,000.

Canoo trio

EV startup Canoo is still struggling to bring its products to the mass market.

Canoo Pickup and Lifestyle Vehicle

This EV startup’s products look like they’ve rolled off the set of a new sci-fi adventure — indeed, NASA wants the Lifestyle Vehicle to shuttle astronauts out to the moon-bound Artemis space ship. Both are meant to take advantage of the flexibility offered by a skateboard-style EV platform. With no need for an engine compartment, they push their passenger compartments right up to the nose, yielding substantial passenger and cargo space. Range is expected to be modest, perhaps 200 miles per charge. Canoo hoped to begin production in 2023 but faces serious financial issues. It’s now targeting a 2024 launch.

Chevrolet plans to start the Equinox EV at around $30,000 in the U.S.

Chevrolet Equinox EV and Silverado EV

Chevy is another GM brand making an aggressive push into battery power, though its rollout has run into a number of problems, including battery fires with the Bolt and software issues leading to a stop-sale of the Blazer EV. It’s hoping for better luck with two more upcoming entries. The Silverado EV is already in production in low-volume form for commercial customers. Retail versions of the pickup will debut in 2024 and target the likes of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck. A potential advantage: range of 400 miles, depending upon the trim package. It also offers a pass-through letting long cargo extend into the passenger compartment. As for the Chevrolet Equinox EV, it will be roughly the same size as the gas model and slot in beneath the Blazer EV, with a base price promised at $30,000. Top-end range will approach 320 miles.

Dodge Charger SRT Daytona

The Dodge Charger SRT Daytona concept will reappear next June in production form.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

The production version of the well-received concept marks a dramatic transition for the Stellantis muscle car brand. Buyers will be able to opt for several performance levels, in line with the traditional Charger — but they’ll also have the ability to upgrade power using smartphone-style over-the-air updates. Electric motors can make gobs of hp and torque, so Dodge engineers have come up with some creative ways to up the emotional quotient. The Dodge Daytona SRT will be the rare EV with a multi-gear transmission. And its “Fratzonic exhaust” will replicate the sound of a Hellcat V-8.

Faraday Future FF91

FF 91 2020 top shot

Faraday Future’s needs to be now with the FF 91.


Another once-promising start-up struggling financially and unsure of its future, Faraday still aims to get its futuristic FF 91 sports car into production. We’ll see if 2024 is the magic year, though the design is now getting a bit old.

It’s promised to deliver 1,050 hp which, when first announced, would have made it king-of-the-EV-hill. But its neck-snapping 2.3 second 0-60 times are no longer benchmark. With a 142 kWh battery pack look for range numbers approaching 400 miles — if and when there’s a production model for the EPA.

2024 FIAT (500e) RED

The 2024 Fiat 500e RED edition.

Fiat 500e

The Italian brand hoped to make a dramatic return to the market in 2011 after a 27-year absence. It’s barely moved the needle and its been a few years since the iconic 500 was offered in the States. An earlier version of the 500e failed to light up buyers — it didn’t help when former CEO Sergio Marchionne told potential customers not to buy it because the company lost so much on each one. Now, an all-new version of the Fiat 500e is coming. And it will offer better — though still not great — range and performance. At a starting price of $32,500, however, it could finally click with budget buyers.

Ford Explorer EV

The New All-Electric Ford Explorer

Ford will expand the Explorer lineup with a new all-electric model for the new year.

The Blue Oval brand has seen early sales of its Mach-E and F-150 Lightning models slow in recent months and has announced delays to its EV program. But it’s still rolling out some new offerings taking it into new market segments.

That includes an all-electric version of the familiar Ford Explorer. Few details are available, Ford yet to formally confirm plans for the electric SUV, but we can expect to see the Explorer EV offered in both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations.

2025 GMC Sierra EV AT4

The GMC Sierra EV AT4 edition.

GMC Sierra EV

General Motors’ “professional grade” truck brand is also committed to a major expansion of its battery-electric lineup – which debuted with the extreme GMC Hummer EV two years ago. Next in line is a more conventionally styled model, the GMC Sierra EV. It shares key underpinnings with the Chevy Silverado EV but also picks up some of the more intriguing features of the Hummer EV, like it’s Crab Walk. There’ll be plenty of different trim packages offering up to 754 hp and 400 miles range. The rollout starts with the Denali First Edition which will also deliver plenty of luxury touches.

2024 Honda Prologue intro

Honda’s first all-electric model, the Prologue, will hit the U.S. early next year.

Honda Prologue

Like the Acura ZDX, the Honda Prologue emerges from a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. and General Motors, and it relies on the Detroit automaker’s Ultium technology. But Honda makes a point of noting that Prologue gets a unique design and more Honda-like features and controls. The SUV is roughly the same size of the gas-powered Honda Pilot, though interior space is bigger, thanks to placing batteries and motors below the load floor. Look for multiple battery pack and drivetrain configurations.

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N grille badge REL

With the Ioniq 5 N combined output jumps to 601 horsepower in normal mode (Hyundai yet to release torque specs). That climbs to a hefty 641 hp in N Grin Boost mode.

Hyundai Ioniq 7; and Ioniq 5 and 6 n packages

Hyundai has committed to introducing a complete range of battery-electric vehicles over the next five years and it’s adding to its current mix with the Ioniq 7. Think of it as the all-electric alternative to the popular, gas-powered Hyundai Telluride — and will also offer three rows. Ioniq 7 uses the same E-GMP platform as Hyundai’s earlier models — and the similarly-sized Kia EV9. Next year also brings the launch of the South Korean carmaker’s first high-performance EV packages. There will be n versions of both the Ioniq 5 crossover and Ioniq 6 sedan. And they’ll be pushing into the 600 hp range which should yield 0-60 times in the low 3 second range.

Jeep Recon

The UAW’s product outline made no mention of the Recon, which was expected to be the all-electric alternative to the Wrangler.

Jeep Recon and Wagoneer S

Surprisingly, Jeep now offers the two best-selling plug-in hybrids in the U.S. market, the 4xe versions of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. The automaker hopes to generate similar interest in its first two all-electric models. We’ve been hearing more about the Wrangler-sized Recon which should be first off the line. Significantly, Jeep promises it will be available in a trail-rated package offering Wrangler, level ground clearance and features like locking differentials. As for the Wagoneer S, the actual name may change by the time it goes on sale, but it will match the gas-powered Wagoneer in terms of creature comfort and technology features. And its estimated 400-mile range could appeal to those who still worry about the current public charging infrastructure.

Lincoln Star Concept best

The Lincoln Star is expected to move from concept to showroom floor in 2024.

Lincoln Star

Luxury brands like Lincoln have been making some of the most expansive commitments to battery power, reflecting the challenges of delivering power, performance and towing numbers while still meeting tough new emissions standards with an internal combustion engine. We got a look at an Aviator-sized Star concept two years ago but there’s no telling how much different the production model will be. Under the skin, expect Lincoln’s first all-electric model to use mostly the same drivetrain technology as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, though updated batteries could yield improved range.


Lotus moves into the future with the new Eletra all-electric utility vehicle.


Lotus Eletre and Emeya

It’s hard to know how Lotus founder Colin Chapman would react to the idea of an all-EV brand, but that’s where Lotus is heading. These two models will certainly offer the sort of power Chapman could respect — both models topping 900 hp, depending upon trim. And Lotus management claims they’ll have the sort of handling you expect from the sports car brand – though the big battery packs they’ll require clearly violate his mantra of “simplify, then add lightness.” Both models use 800-volt battery packs that will not only help on the performance front but also deliver rapid charges.

Lucid Gravity debut in LA 2023

The Gravity should become Lucid’s best-selling model, company officials predict.

Lucid Gravity

It’s been a tough year for Lucid, the start-up’s Air sedan falling short of sales goals, and weak revenues requiring a $3 billion bailout to keep things going. But the California-based EV maker is betting that it can get the boost from its second product line, the all-new Lucid Gravity SUV that debuted at the LA Auto Show. Roomy, stylish and sporty, it will also offer, at 440 miles per charge, industry-leading range. And, by using a 900-volt electrical architecture, Gravity promises to have unusually short charging times. Several versions will be offered, with up to 6,000-pound towing capacity and 0-60 times as quick as 3.5 seconds.

Maserati Grecale Folgore and GranTurismo Folgore

Maserati Grecale Folgore front 3-4 REL

Maserati Grecale Folgore is just the start of the brand’s shift toward an all-electric future.

No, that’s not the name of an Italian coffee brand. Folgore translates as “lightning,” an appropriate name to share across the sports car brand’s expanding EV line-up. Buyers will get two options in 2024, starting with the electric version of the Grecale crossover. In a more traditional Maserati shape, the Modena-based brand also will electrify the GranTurismo. The coupe will boast three electric motors combining to punch out 818 hp and gobs of instant torque. How buyers will react is uncertain as the GranTurismo doesn’t use the skateboard-like architecture of other EVs but opts for a modified version of the gas platform. That means a battery pack that sits higher and slices into the passenger compartment.

Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept EQGMercedes-Benz Concept EQG

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept is going to be a reality in 2024.

Mercedes-Benz EQG

Mercedes launched it move into long-range EVs with versions of its S- and E-class line-up. It’s now expanding into other niches, from the little EQB crossover to the legendary Galendawagen, or G-Class. The most brutish member of its line-up does adopt a slightly more refined shape, aerodynamics critical to EV range and performance. And the classic grille is expected to feature a backlit surround. But Mercedes has assured potential buyers that the EQG will boast similar capabilities to the familiar G-Class when it comes to heading off-road. Among other features, it will get four motors, one for each wheel.

2025 Mini JCW Countryman best REL

An all-electric version of the Mini Countryman is in the works.

Mini Aceman EV and Countryman EV

The British brand is determined to carve out a niche in the emerging EV market and will, over the next few years, introduce at least three battery-powered models, starting with versions of the Aceman and Countryman, an electric Cooper to follow. The Aceman, first seen in concept form, will replace the current Mini Clubman. The small size of the Aceman is likely to yield range of 200 miles or less. For those who need more – as well as more cargo and passenger space – there’ll be the Mini Countryman EV which is expected to get 240 miles per charge in a single-motor drive. There’ll also be a two-motor all-wheel-drive model.

Polestar 3 and Polestar 4

Polestar 3 is set to come to market in 2024.

After debuting with a high-performance plug-in hybrid, this Volvo spinoff is going all-electric. And it has some aggressive rollout plans that see two models coming to market in 2024. That starts with the angular Polestar 3 SUV. There’ll be a variety of different packages, including a twin-motor, 489-hp package, or a beefed-up trim pushing that to 517 miles. Range will be up to 300 miles. Notably, the Polestar 3 will be the brand’s first American-made model, set to roll out of the same plant as the Volvo XC90 in South Carolina. As for Polestar 4, it’s a more coupe-like crossover that boasts even more power, launching from 0-60 in as little as 3.9 seconds. Perhaps the most distinctive — read: “quirky” — design feature is the lack of a rear window.

Porsche expands its all-electrified lineup with the new Macan EV.

Porsche Macan EV

The German sports car brand delivered a shock to the system when it revealed its first EV, the Taycan, a few years back. But it wasn’t a fluke, as its next offering, the Macan EV, demonstrates. In fact, Porsche expects battery-electric vehicles to produce 80% of its sales by 2030, it’s CEO confirming plans to offer electric versions of virtually every nameplate – though the 911 will likely be the last model to go all-electric. Several variants will be offered with both rear and all-wheel-drive, and as much as 603 hp.

2025 Ram 1500 Rev debut Tavares and Koval NYIAS 2023

The Ram 1500 REV made its debut at the NY Auto Show.

Ram 1500 REV

Like Dodge, this Stellantis brand has been slow to embrace electrification, but it’s now betting big on the toned-down production version of the Ram Revolution concept. The REV will be the first model to use the STLA – or “Stella Large” – architecture, designed specifically for truck-like capabilities. It doesn’t have all the trick features of the concept pickup, like the midgate pass-through, but still takes advantage of the torque and power electric motors can deliver. Meanwhile, for those who want more range, look for the EV to be followed up by the Ram 1500 Ramcharger which will boast a gas-powered engine that can extend range to 400 miles or more.

2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD - on rocks v3 driving

There’s an all-new Toyota Tacoma for 2024 – and both a PHEV and an EV version could follow this year.

Toyota Tacoma EV

The Japanese giant is just rolling out the latest generation of the gas-powered Tacoma. But, after a slow entry into the EV market, it’s reportedly set to plug in the midsize pickup – though Toyota has yet to officially confirm that both a plug-in hybrid and pure EV actually are in the plans for sometime late in 2024.  We’ll simply have to wait to find out more details. In the meantime, buyers will have the option to get the new 2024 Tacoma with either gas or hybrid powertrain packags.

VinFast VF 9 rear driving

The Vinfast VF 9.

VinFast VF 9

Vinfast, Vietnam’s first automaker, has had a troubling U.S. launch. Deliveries of the original EV, the VF 8, was pushed back from December 2022 to March of this year. And the electric crossover received generally negative reviews when journalists finally had a chance to test the EV a few months later. VinFast claims its addressing media and owner concerns – even as prepares to launch its next all-electric model. The VF 9 is both bigger and more luxurious. The three-row package will offer more power – as much as 402 hp – and a 123 kWh battery pack will boost range to as much as 330 miles per charge.

VW Brand Boss Thomas Schaefer revealing a camouflaged ID.7 at CES 2023

VW Brand Boss Thomas Schaefer revealing a camouflaged ID.7 at CES 2023

Volkswagen ID.7, ID.Buzz and ID.Space Vizzion

VW is all-in on EVs and plans to spend over $100 billion to fund the changeover this decade – that figure covering not only the Volkswagen brand but siblings like Audi, Porsche and Bentley. Three more models will come to the U.S. in 2024, starting with the ID.7, a Passat-sized sedan. Initially, it will be offered with a single motor and a modest, 77 kWh battery good for just 282 hp and around 300 miles range. An all-wheel-drive package with a bigger battery is expected to follow. The ID.Buzz, meanwhile, is the long-awaited successor to the iconic Volkswagen Microbus. A short-wheel-base version is already on sale in Europe. U.S. buyers will only have the stretched, 3-row package. Both rear and all-wheel-drive versions will be offered. As for the ID.SpaceVizzion, there’s a lot of debate over whether it will make it to the States, where wagon-style designs don’t generate much, er, buzz. But it could arrive this year. Other all-electric models, such as the ID.GTI, could follow.

2024 Volvo EX30 - by Tivoli Theatre beauty shot

The Volvo EX30 will be one of three EVs coming from the Swedish automaker in 2024.

Volvo EX30, XC60 Recharge and EX90

Volvo is yet another brand in the process of migrating exclusively to all-electric propulsion. It already has several EVs on sale. Like the current mix, the XC60 will replace its conventional gas engine with electric motors while sticking with the existing version’s platform. Future EX models, on the other hand, will go with unique, skateboard-style architectures, with batteries and motors below the load floor, and designed exclusively for electric power. The Volvo EX30 will be the first to adopt this approach. It’s already available in Europe but won’t make it to the States for a few months. Both single and twin-motor versions will be offered, with range up to 275 miles. To hold down prices, Volvo took steps like eliminating the traditional gauge cluster, readouts sharing space on the large infotainment screen. As for the EX90, it will be the battery-powered answer to the brand’s flagship XC90. It also will use an EV-only platform. Expect up to 300 miles range.


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