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Fiat Expands 2024 500e Lineup With Special “Inspired By” Music and Beauty Trims

by | March 11, 2024

 2024 Fiat 500e Inspired By series builds on music and beauty with exclusive features, a state-of-the-art Level 2 ADAS system, and value focused pricing ladder. 

 It’s no secret that Fiat is gambling big on an all-electric lineup that will reshape its sales fortunes in the U.S. where the Italian brand has been dealing with low demand and equally moribund sales numbers. The 2024 Fiat 500e RED Edition provided a glimpse into what Fiat’s plans were all about with the model featuring vivid red paint and a strong focus on style. This time around, Fiat is focusing on two key pillars of Italian culture: Music and Beauty with the all-new 2024 “Inspired by Music” and “Inspired by Beauty” special edition 500es. 

 Inspired By Beauty Makes 500e Into Rolling Work of Art

2024 Fiat 500e Inspired by Beauty gets elegant Rose Gold paint color


Both of these special edition 500e models focus on a particular theme and build on it with several distinctive features. In the case of the Beauty, the prominent selling point here is the special Rose Gold paintwork which is exclusive to this particular special edition. In addition to the elegant paintwork, Fiat designers also gave the model body-colored mirror caps and chrome DLO moldings to balance things out.  

The Beauty’s interior also gets in on the act with style being balanced out by sustainability. That means beige-hued eco-leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel along with other eco-friendly cabin materials. The Inspired by Beauty is an attempt by Fiat to lure in more female buyers especially those that place style and grace as their top priorities when buying an EV. Fiat also made sure to make pricing a worthy point of contention too, with each model starting at $36,000

500e Inspired By Music Drops The Beat with Virtual Venue Equipped JBL Premium Audio System 

2024 Fiat 500e Inspired By Music gets an advanced sound system and sleek Tuxedo paintwork

Unlike the Inspired By Beauty edition which focuses on drawing observers to its sleek paintwork and designer chic interior, the Inspired by Music focuses on the needs of audiophiles. To help achieve this Fiat partnered with legendary Italian maestro Andrea Bocelli to completely revamp the listening experience in the 500e to suit their tastes. 

While the seven-speaker layout for the sound system might not seem all that impressive when compared with some of the more elaborate setups we have seen in larger cars, Fiat claims that big things come in small packages and that’s evident when you look at some of the finer details. For example, the included Virtual Venue system features four modes that were created with input from Bocelli herself with the first two: My Music Room and My Recording Studio focusing on enhancing the listening experience while making the listener feel the artist is playing the selected piece right in front of them thanks to mode exclusive tuning for the stereo. 

Eco-friendly materials including special leather accents will be standard on both models

The remaining two modes focus on replicating real-world locations with Giuseppe Verde Opera House-Pisa mode being based on the acoustics of the aforementioned opera house which is supposed to make the listener feel like they are listening to a live performance in the front row. Open-Air Arena mode is the equivalent of being in an outdoor ampitheater, and features mode-specific adjustments that help enhance some of the echoes and resonance that’s often found when music is played in those facilities. In addition to the sound system, all Inspired by Music models also get Tuxedo Black paint and a two-tone black and white interior. Pricing is a mirror image of its beauty-themed counterpart with a base model also starting at $36,000.

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Level 2 ADAS System Changes The Game For Segment 

A stylish Two-tone interior adds style to the Music’s audiophile-themed layout

The latest “Inspired By” models will introduce a Level 2 Automated Driving System which is making its debut for the first time on a U.S. spec Fiat model. This system combines the Adaptative Cruise Control and the Lane Keep Assist features to help assist drivers on mapped roads and it also allows the 500e to be the only model in the compact BEV segment to offer a Level 2 system. Performance for both of these Inspired By 500es is unchanged from what we saw in the RED Edition with the duo being motivated by a front-mounted electric motor that makes 117 horsepower and a 42-kWh battery pack that allows the EV to go 149 miles before it needs a charge. 

The 2024 500e Inspired by Music and Inspired by Beauty will begin making their way to Fiat showrooms later this year. Fiat also said that each model in the Inspired series will be available for a limited amount of time before they are replaced by the next model in the series so buyers will need to act quickly to get their hands on one. 


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