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Fiat Launches 500e BETA Club For Early Adopters, Early Delivery and VIP Events

by | March 21, 2024

Fiat rewards first wave of 500e owners with all-new BETA Club. Early adoption program rewards buyers with a special edition 500e and access to VIP events and other perks.

2024 Fiat 500e production

The “100% Electric, 100% Italian” 500e makes its return to the U.S. as part of a wave of new electrified products from parent company Stellantis. (Photo credit: John Faulkner)

The 2024 Fiat 500e is about to make its way to showrooms and the Italian brand is preparing to celebrate by unveiling an all-new early adoption program that rewards these buyers with a special edition 500e EV and other perks while also giving these customers a direct line of communication with the brand to help Fiat build a loyal base of followers.

Fiat’s BETA Club rewards early adopters

BETA Clube members will get special edition 500e with model-exclusive mirror caps

Fiat’s BETA Club program is similar to what we have seen from other EV automakers with the club rewarding early adopters of the 500e with unique perks and benefits. Buyers that are chosen for the club get first delivery of their 500e model which will come as a special edition. This first wave of 500e BETA models will get exclusive details to reflect their unique status with all models getting special badging and exclusive white-hued mirror caps that are contrasted with Fiat’s new energy mark. These 500es are otherwise unchanged from other variants that we have seen in the past with this launch model being powered by a front-mounted 118 horsepower electric motor that allows the EV to get 149 miles of range on a single charge.

While that figure is low when compared to other EVs on the market, Fiat is trying to make up for it by offering special “Inspired by” models that build on the 500e’s style and technology. The Beauty and the Music are the first two models in this series and Fiat says that they will eventually be followed by other “Inspired By” models that aim to make the tiny hatchback appeal to young green buyers.

BETA Club to be limited to certain EV markets

When the BETA Club becomes fully operational, Fiat will only have it available in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Austin and Miami with other cities being added in the near future. These areas are known for being locations with heavy traffic congestion and Fiat hopes that the 500e’s compact size and usable urban electric range will give it an advantage in luring in buyers from those locations.

In addition to getting early vehicle delivery, BETA Club members also get VIP Access to Fiat events and a direct line of communication with Fiat’s customer care team to help answer any questions they might have as well as report any issues they might encounter with the vehicle during their period of ownership. This streamlined communication with customers will also help Fiat get valuable real-world data on the model and give the brand a launching point for any improvements that it might make to the model later. Fiat also says that it received input from previous 500e owners that helped the brand learn about their experiences in owning a city-sized EV and incorporate some of this feedback into the BETA Club.

“FIAT has a loyal and passionate fan base here in the U.S. and around the world,” said Aamir Ahmed, Head of FIAT brand, North America. “Creating the FIAT BETA program allows us to connect with our fans to generate a valuable dialogue, contribute to the brand’s customer-centric values, and ultimately build the bond that connects us all in the global FIAT community.”  

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Fiat 500e deliveries to begin this April

Fiat 5003 BETA Edition deliveries are slated to begin April,1st

BETA Club members will begin taking deliveries of their 500es on April 1st. Ironically, that also falls on April Fool’s day, but Fiat is eager to prove that the 500e is not a comedic punchline with a base model starting at $32,500 which does not include the $1,595 destination charge.

Buyers that are willing to take the plunge will get an EV that focuses on being a value-focused entry in the EV market with all 500e models getting a level 2 charger or free charging credits through the Free2Move Charge service. Both of these features aim to make the transition to all-electric commuting as seamless as possible and the 500e is also the first Fiat offering to get a Level 2 ADAS driving system. This ADAS system is also the first to be offered in the compact BEV segment and allows for automated driving when the 500e is driven on pre-mapped roadways.


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