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Next Gen FJ Cruiser Rumored To Use New Truck Platform

by | March 26, 2024

The latest round of rumors suggests the next-generation FJ Cruiser will use a small truck platform. 

Toyota Concept Cruiser showed off potential EV future for icon.

When the Toyota FJ Cruiser appeared in the U.S. back in 2006, Toyota was trying to bank on the retro trend that was sweeping through the automotive industry during that period and the icon status achieved by past FJ models.

While slow sales caused the FJ to leave our shores in 2014, that didn’t stop the SUV from attracting a loyal following and the FJ is still lingering on in some foreign markets.

Rumors of what the next-generation FJ Cruiser will bring to the table have circulated for years and the latest batch appears to suggest an unlikely truck platform is in the pipeline for it. 

 FJ Cruiser to get new truck platform? 

A new report says Hilux Champ could provide platform for FJ Cruiser.

A new report from the Japanese publication Best Car suggests that the rebooted FJ will be underpinned on the same platform as the Hilux Champ compact pickup which is currently for sale in international markets. 

The report goes on to say that in addition to the new platform, the FJ will also enter production later this year which would be alot sooner than prior reports have suggested.

This latest development also contradicts a prior rumor that stated the FJ would be underpinned on the flexible TNGA-F platform which already sees duty on models like the Land Cruiser, Lexus GX, Sequoia, and Tundra pickup. 

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FJ to potentially appeal to younger buyers 

More questions than answers surround the next-generation FJ Cruiser.

It remains to be seen what Toyota ultimately has planned for a potential FJ Cruiser revival, but past breadcrumbs dropped by the company appear to point to a very different direction for the FJ this time around.

Unlike the last iteration of the model, the recently unveiled Concept Cruiser appears to suggest that the FJ could be smaller than before with a stronger emphasis on boxy styling and retro elements. Toyota also trademarked the term “Land Cruiser FJ” late last year which could perhaps point to it being affiliated with the recently launched Land Cruiser somehow. 

But while such a model might work well in other markets, it would be more of a gamble in the U.S. Buyers here gravitate towards SUV and CUV offerings like moths to a flame, but both segments have become extremely saturated in recent years and a model like this would have a harder time standing out from the proverbial crowd. That said, an FJ revival could attract younger buyers that want something stylish but at an affordable price point which might encourage Toyota to move forward with it.   


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