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2025 Toyota 4Runner Brings Back Roll-Down Rear Window, Debuts April 9th

by | April 4, 2024

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner is slated to bring a major revamp to long running nameplate but fans will be pleased to see that Toyota is going with a roll-down rear window for the sixth-generation SUV which debuts on April 9.

Toyota confirms roll down rear window will return on 2025 model.

A roll-down rear window? Didn’t those vanish years ago? Pretty much. But it seems that Toyota wants to bring them back — at least on the sixth-generation 4Runn. That’s the big surprise found in the automaker’s Instagram post today.

Just a week ago, Toyota dropped its first teaser of the 2025 4Runner with the model getting its first major update in over 15 years.

That prior teaser revealed the SUV’s reworked rear bumper and some of the updated liftgate but not much else. This latest teaser adds more depth and the surprising news that the rear window will require some muscle power to operate. It also confirmed that the 2025 Toyota 4Runner will make its official debut on April 9. (And Headlight.News will be on hand for the debut in San Diego.)

A familiar view 

2025 Toyota 4Runner - tease

2025 Toyota 4Runner teaser. The new model will debut in April 9.

While the 4Runner is better known for its off-road capabilities and long shelf life, the SUV has, since its 1984 debut, offered power-operated rear windows — something that’s an absolute requirement, it would seem, across the industry.

In addition to the news about the manually operated rear window, Toyota’s newest teaser also provides a better view of the rear end with the SUV getting reworked taillights and a redesigned grab handle for the liftgate with the rear window controls moving to the right side of the piece. The open window also shows off the large infotainment screen, but we’ll have to wait until Toyota releases more details to get a better sense of what the interior has to offer. 

Greener performance 

The 4Runner is being refreshed for the first time in 15 years.

The outgoing 4Runner is powered by an antiquated 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V6 that has been in service since 2003, but the 2025 model will finally give the SUV the performance overhaul that it desperately needs. 

The company hasn’t released any details yet on what is lurking under the hood, but we suspect it will share engines with the Toyota Tacoma with that model getting a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and optional hybrid equipped engines. The hybrid offerings will help the 4Runner improve its fuel economy while also giving certain trims more confidence when going over challenging terrain. 

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4Runner debut coming sooner than later 

The Toyota 4Runner has had power rear windows since the 1984 model.

Toyota used this latest teaser to confirm that the wait for the 2025 4Runner will not be as long as many had anticipated with the company confirming that it will be making its global debut on Tuesday, April 9th. 

When the SUV does make its way to dealerships, it will have some very big shoes to fill. The outgoing model has built up an impressive track record in sales with Toyota confirming that the 4Runner actually had a surge in that category between 2014 and 2021 when sales climbed to a peak 144,469 units. While that figure has dipped slightly to 109,951 sales in 2023, it’s still a potent reminder of how popular the 4Runner is with its army of fans. 

Look for the 2025 4Runner to also have a large variety of trim levels for buyers to choose from as the company attempts to appeal to as many customers as possible with the SUV.  

Toyota has yet to talk pricing but the outgoing model starts at $42,100 before deliver fees and options.


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