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Ford Celebrates Mustang’s 60th Birthday With New Anniversary Edition, Limited to 1,965 Units

by | April 17, 2024

The Ford Mustang officially turns 60 years old this year and the company is celebrating by unveiling the 2025 Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Edition which mixes nostalgia with modern performance hardware to create a unique tribute to the past. 

2025 Mustang 60th Anniversary model celebrates Mustang’s 1965 debut

When the Ford Mustang first appeared in 1965, the company was attempting to inject fresh excitement into the automotive marketplace with a sports car that would appeal to veterans returning from the frontlines in Europe and were first exposed to lightweight sports cars.  

While the base 2.8-liter 101-hp inline six was about as exciting as a bland bowl of soup, the optional V8 engines would ultimately prove to be the Mustang’s calling card and as the decades passed, these mighty eight cylinders would help the Mustang cement itself with a growing pool of buyers including in the 1970s when the Mustang II helped the moniker weather the storm created by high oil and gas prices. This tenacity has helped the car reach this key 60th birthday and the company is ready to celebrate. 

Retro style defines this special edition Mustang 

Styling tweaks add retro flair to modern pony car performance

At first glance, the 60th-anniversary model might seem like a mere appearance package, but unlike other Mustang anniversary packages, Ford chose to give the 60th-anniversary model a sharp suit of retro-themed clothes. All models get 20-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with the design here being heavily inspired by 1965 models. The badging is also based on what was used on the 1965 model and the stripes also follow the same script. 

The front fascia gets a unique grille that features a mesh design with the front nostrils getting silver accent trim. Smoked headlights from the Nite Pony package are also added in and the mirror caps get a silver color. The lone exception is models with a white hue, these models get body-colored mirror caps instead.  

The interior is largely unchanged, but Ford stylists have added a special 60th-anniversary plaque on the dashboard and other minor adornments to help it stand out from its more mainstream siblings. 

Performance reigns supreme 

Buyers can choose from either a coupe or convertible layout for their anniversary model

A prominent catch here is that the 60th Anniversary model will only be available on the GT Premium package which means buyers looking to add it to either an EcoBoost model or the base GT will be out of luck. However, that also means you get full access to the 5.0-liter V8 which makes 465-hp and can be paired with either a six-speed manual or an optional 10-speed automatic. Buyers can choose from either a coupe or convertible body style to help cater to their unique personal tastes.  

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Limited time only

Production will be limited to 1,965 units to mark the model’s 1965 debut

Buyers looking to add a 60th-anniversary model to their garage will need to act quickly, Ford is limiting production to 1,965 units (the year that the Mustang debuted.) In addition to the default white color, buyers will also be able to choose from Race Red or Vapor Blue with the stripes being available in red or silver hues. The interior has three colors of its own for buyers to choose from: Gray, Red, or Black. 

Ford wasn’t ready to reveal pricing for the 60th Anniversary model yet but look for that information to be released later this year when the Anniversary model begins rolling out to dealerships. In the meantime, the company will also be hosting a special event at Charlotte Motor Speedway for Mustang owners with the event featuring plenty of opportunities for owners to fully experience what the Mustang is all about. 



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