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Ford Begins Taking Applications For Mustang GTD, Other Markets Get Their Chance In June

by | April 17, 2024

Ford announces that it has opened up the application process for the Mustang GTD. The GTD will be the wildest Mustang that the company has ever created and like the Ford GT that proceeded it, the company will be screening applicants to make sure they go to the right buyers. 

Ford has begun accepting applications for the Mustang GTD 

The Ford Mustang GTD was the answer to a question that few asked, what would happen if you took a Ford Mustang GT3 race car and developed it into the ultimate performance vehicle for the street? Ford engineers worked in total secrecy on the project and were told to throw everything they could think of at it to ensure maximum performance. 

The end result was the Mustang GTD a proverbial race car for the streets that not only comes packed with race technology, but also a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 that promises to make over 800 hp. Ford is now ready to accept applications from interested buyers looking to add a GTD to their fleet but the company will be carefully screening applicants and only a select few will be allowed to take the keys of a GTD of their own. 

Application process limited for now 

First wave of GTD applications to be limited to U.S. and Canada

A big caveat here with Ford’s announcement is that while it’s indeed opening up the application process for the GTD, it’s currently limiting things to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Buyers in other areas like Europe and Mexico will have to wait a bit for their chance to submit an application to the company, with Ford reps saying those buyers will get their turn in June. 

In the meantime, Ford didn’t reveal details about what buyers will be asked when they go through the application process but the company did say that the process will be similar to what it did with the Ford GT. In short, that means it will be expecting GTD buyers to not only drive the vehicle but also get it out in the public eye and serve as “ambassadors” for the brand. Buyers looking to store the car away from prying eyes and not drive it will most likely see their applications take a one-way trip to the proverbial garbage bin. 

Resellers not welcome either 

Ford is also expected to have measures in place to discourage quick reselling of GTDs

In addition to ensuring that each GTD will be driven and enjoyed as it was designed, Ford could possibly use lessons it learned from the GT’s production run in regards to addressing anyone planning to flip a GTD right after purchasing it. Look for this to come in the form of stipulations that make owners keep the vehicle for a certain period of time before they have the right to formally sell it.  

These stipulations gained national attention when Ford attempted to legally go after WWE superstar and actor John Cena for attempting to resell his Ford GT after he purchased it. The two parties settled the case, but it’s an example of how seriously Ford will take the issue of reselling if a potential buyer tries to pull a similar stunt with the Mustang GTD. 

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Mustang GTD has the price tag to match its performance 

 Mustang GTD will have an estimated base price of $325,000

If a buyer does successfully go through the application process, they will get access to a Mustang that will be like no other when it eventually begins to make its way to select dealerships. The GTD is built at Multimatic’s Ontario, Canada assembly plant with the facility also building Ford’s race cars. The company also built the GT supercar so it has plenty of experience in making high-octane vehicles like this one. 

The GTD’s GT3 origins allowed it to get the race car’s aerodynamic package as well as its race-built suspension with the cooling system taking up space where the trunk would be. There are some minor alterations here to help it comply with safety regulations and achieve enhanced downforce, but the GTD is the closest that Mustang enthusiasts will get to owning a road-legal race car. 

That privilege comes with a price tag that reflects this with Ford’s application site for the model saying that a base GTD will begin at an estimated $325,000. That’s higher than the estimated $300,000 Ford said prior and is not only subject to change but also doesn’t include any optional extras that buyers might want to add to the car which can cause the price to go much higher than that. 



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