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2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring Gets Improved Battery Tech, Retains 516 Mile Driving Range

by | April 18, 2024

The 2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring remains one of the highest performance benchmarks in the EV segment. The company is aiming to keep it that way with a suite of updates that not only improve efficiency but other key aspects of the car as well. 

Lucid is bringing big updates to the Air EV sedan for 2024

The Lucid Air Grand Touring made a bold statement when it made its debut several years ago. The company wanted to show that performance and efficiency could coexist in an all-electric package that can bring the fight to rivals like the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan and more.  

However, the company knows that even the Grand Touring needs an occasional update to help it stay ahead of the EV pack and it has given the car improvements that not only beef up its battery and charging technology, but also solidify its range figure in the face of slowing EV demand.

Lucid Air Grand Touring gets more efficient

Improved battery tech allows the Air to have more robust range

A big update for the 2024 model year is that the Grand Touring has become more efficient than before with the model getting updates that help improve range even in inclement weather conditions. Lucid says that it has managed to do this by making upgrades to the EV motors, the chemistry of the battery cells, and thermal features to reduce wasted energy. The company also added in the Sapphire model’s heat pump for good measure. 

The end result is range figures that can be achieved in broader driving conditions without some of the reduction that can occur when it’s too hot or cold out. That’s important since the GT keeps its EPA-rated 516 mile range figure with the company revealing that all 2024 GTs get improved automatic preconditioning software that pre-conditions the car for fast charging with the battery itself charging 15 to 30% faster on a DC fast charging station.  


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Grand Touring also gets price cuts 

Revised pricing ladder allows Air Grand Touring to have better seperation from its Sapphire counterpart

In addition to the improvements that Lucid has made in range and charging, the company has also cut prices for the 2024 model year with a Grand Touring now starting at $109,900 which is a 12.5% cut when compared to the $125,600 price tag it had at the beginning of the year. 

This price cut comes on the heels of a prior price reduction Lucid did in February when it slashed Air prices by as much as $7,500. This price-cutting regimen has already begun to produce benefits with the Air recording an increase in first quarter deliveries. The new pricing also allows the Grand Touring to have a better degree of pricing separation from the range-topping Sapphire model with those versions of the Air starting at $249,000. 


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