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Land Rover Defender Octa Primed To Be New Flagship Model, Promises Enhanced Rarity and Performance

by | April 26, 2024

The 2025 Defender Octa will be the new flagship in the Defender lineup. A new suspension and twin-turbo V8 are out to assert the Defender’s place in the off-road vehicle segment while also giving buyers more capability and performance. 

Land Rover’s Defender brand teased the 2025 Defender Octa

The Land Rover Defender made waves for the company when the revived off-roader thundered its way onto the scene several years ago. The Defender eventually spawned several variants including a long-wheelbase model and the high-performance Defender V8 for those looking to add more speed to their SUV purchase. 

However, the Defender was also recently spun off from the broader Land Rover portfolio and is now a standalone brand within JLR. To help celebrate this newfound freedom, the newly renamed Defender brand confirmed that it will be releasing the 2025 Defender Octa model to appeal to those looking for even more performance than what the current flagship model can provide.

Defender Octa to benefit from new V8

Octa will get a new V8 with mild-hybrid technology

A prominent update that the Defender Octa will bring to the table is that the SUV will get a new twin-turbocharged V8 that will come bundled with mild-hybrid technology. This V8 would replace the old supercharged 5.0-liter that still powers older Defender V8 models and will most likely be another unit that’s sourced from BMW. 

Defender didn’t release final fuel economy numbers, but look for the mild-hybrid system to help the Octa get a few extra miles per gallon when the engine is not tasked with the rigors of high-speed trail running. 

Trick suspension will give Octa potent trail capability 

Defender subjected the Octa to extensive hot and cold weather testing

In addition to the new V8 lurking under the hood, the 2025 Defender Octa will also feature Land Rover’s 6D Dynamics suspension system. This hydraulically operated system is also used on the Range Rover SV and is supposed to minimize body roll, pitch, and squat while also improving wheel travel when going over certain obstacles. 

The photos that Defender released of the Octa show it undergoing extreme testing in Dubai and the Artic Circle but while extensive camouflage hides some of its styling from view, the front fascia gets a larger front grille and bigger air intakes that are added to the front bumper. Larger wheel arch flares accommodate the Octa’s wider track with the hood getting a taller power bulge. The Octa will also get model-exclusive wheels that are wrapped in chunky off-road tires.  

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Octa to have limited release 

Defender representatives revealed that the 2025 Defender Octa will make its public debut in July. However, before it goes out to the masses, the model will initially get a limited release with the brand reserving the first models for a small group of buyers that were hand-picked for the opportunity.  

Defender also revealed that the first wave of Octa models will have limited availability but stopped short of revealing whether that means it will be a limited-edition model. Pricing information wasn’t released either but look for the model to be noticeably more expensive than the Defender V8 with a base Defender 90 model starting at $109,675 when the destination fee is included. The bigger 110 models are just as expensive and easily cross over the $110,000 barrier. 


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