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Ineos Delays Battery-Electric Fusilier

by | July 3, 2024

Off-road beast maker Ineos plans to push back production of its first all-electric model, the Fusilier SUV, from 2027 to an unknown introduction date. Ineos produces two off-road focused vehicles, the Grenadier and Quartermaster, and introduced the Fusilier in February.

Ineos Fusilier - front v2

The all-electric Fusilier’s arrival has been pushed back from 2027 to an undetermined time.

The Fusilier aims to provide buyers with an off-road experience similar to its aforementioned siblings, but quietly, if you will. Along with a previously announced BEV, the new model will also feature a low emission range-extender electric version too.

The second model is “in development” and consists of a small gasoline engine that powers a generator to maintain the charge level of the battery for when external charging isn’t available. However, that’s all on hold now, officials noted.

“We are delaying the launch of the Ineos Fusilier for two reasons; reluctant consumer uptake of EVs and industry uncertainty around tariffs, timings and taxation,” the company said in a statement.

“Charging infrastructure for EVs in most markets continues to grow and consumer confidence will match that, but for the industry to meet net-zero targets there needs to be long-term clarity from policymakers and a number of technology options available considering factors like raw materials, infrastructure and affordability.”

European issues?

Along with a previously announced BEV, the new model will also feature a low emission range-extender electric version too.

While some of the reasons for the delay are tied to European problems, there are also pragmatic motives behind the move as well.

“We are committed to bringing an EV to market not just because of legislation but because we want to — it is the right thing to do — but as a new small volume manufacturer we can only produce vehicles that will sell,” the company noted.

“The Fusilier is an electric vehicle, but also provides the option of a range extender that uses a small low emission petrol engine to charge the electric battery when external charging isn’t available.

“This low-emission solution for longer journeys or where charging is not possible would still be banned in both Europe and the UK in 2035, if not earlier in the UK should Labour be elected into Government this week.”

Yup. They’re short on fast chargers in Europe too.

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Specs for the delayed model

In all-electric form, the Ineos Fusilier is expected to have a range of about 400 kilometers, or 250 miles, per charge. Chairman Jim Ratcliffe noted during the Fusilier’s February debut that the range extender version of Fusilier will have a 30% smaller battery with a range of about 270 kilometers, or 168 miles.

Ineos Fusilier - side

Fusilier will be offered either in all-electric form or with an optional internal combustion engine used solely as a generator.

But by switching on the internal combustion engine it will be able to keep going as long as it has access to gasoline — or to some alternative liquid fuel. The executive indicated Ineos is looking at other options that could include so-called “designer fuels,” or even hydrogen.

The Fusilier will take “a similar approach” to design as the Grenadier, which adopted a raw, industrial look with features such as exposed door hinges, said Ineos design chief Toby Ecuyer, “but obviously more aerodynamic” to maximize range.

The same will be the case with the interior. While Grenadier does feature some modern technology, including a touchscreen infotainment system, most vehicle functions are controlled by more traditional knobs and switches.


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