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2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified is a Design Gem

by | January 5, 2024

2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified lacks the oddball front-end design of many EVs.

Walk up to the 2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified and it’s hard not to be impressed. For the 2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified, the brand’s first electric vehicle, is a design jewel.

Wearing a vibrant, modern, and happy vibe, it’s quintessentially Korean. It’s round. And it sports some distinctive styling cues, such as the V-shaped chrome trim visually punctuate the rear roof pillar. Its unique style establishes the tone for the interior design with an oval motif.

Ovals are utilized wherever you look. It’s the design of the rear seat cupholders, the power mirror controls and the door handle pulls. The most interesting one is the gearbox shifter, which reveals itself by rotating around when the automobile is started. Next, you twist it left or right to employ the desired gear.

Ovals are evrywhere on the GV60’s interior.

It merely accentuates the cabin’s clever touches, like the buttons on the front passenger seat’s side that allow you to adjust it from different angles, the button that turns off the climate control for everyone but the driver, and the icon that shows up when you approach an intersection with a red-light camera are a testament to the attention to detail lavished on the GV60. So, when you open the glove box, you’ll discover it’s a sliding drawer, which is much simpler to operate. There’s even room exists beneath the middle console to store a computer bag or purse. Finishes are bright and modern, with the car’s quilted leather, knurled knob finishes speak to the interior’s exquisite craftsmanship.


2024 Genesis GV60’s instrument panel features dual 12.3-inch displays.

And its technology is truly amazing.

As you might expect, there’s a head-up display, wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a wireless smartphone charger, a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system that turns the GV60 into a dazzling concert hall. But beyond that, there’s Face Connect, which uses face recognition to let the driver lock or unlock the car. It also adjusts the settings to that driver’s profile, adjusting the seats, radio station presets and other preferences. In addition, the GV60 also enables drivers to start and operate the vehicle by using your fingerprints, not a key.

Pretty sweet.

There’s as mush as 55.4 cubic feet of cargo space, incl;uding the frunk.

The instrument panel is topped two 12.3-inch screens that form a single screen that incorporates an instrument cluster and the infotainment system. There’s plenty of space up front. But rear seat passengers must contend with the GV60’s sloping roof line, tight rear legroom and the lack of foot space under the front seats. But the cabin remains as quiet as a college library on Saturday night, while the seats prove comfortable and supportive for a wide range of body types.


The Genesis GV60’s 2024 lineup includes a new base model called the Standard, which has rear-wheel drive with a range of 294 miles. The mid-level Advance grade, which has a 248-mile range and all-wheel drive, is next. We opted for the highest-spec Performance variant, which has 235 miles of range and all-wheel drive.

The 2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified proves potent on twisty roads.

There are several reasons for the variation in range. Although the Performance model’s 21-inch wheels and two 160-kW electric motors shorten its range, they provide a combined 483 horsepower. The Advance also has two motors, but it has smaller 20-inch wheels and a front motor that produces 74 kW less power. With the 160-kW motor in the back, it generates a total of 314 horsepower. The Standard, on the other hand, has a single 168-kW rear motor that produces a respectable 225 horsepower.

Recharging from 10% to 80% requires 18 minutes with a 250-kW fast charger and 73 minutes with a 50-kW charger. Recharging to 100% takes about 7 hours using a 240-volt outlet, and 68 hours with a 120-volt outlet.


Check out the 2024 Genesis GV60’s unique C-pillar.

At slightly less than 178 inches long, the 2024 Genesis GV60 Electrified proves a joy to drive, as its size makes it perfect for urban environs. When you press the Boost button, the Performance’s driveline produces 489 horsepower instead of 429, allowing for quick escapes. But since it’s an electric driveline, it’s executed with astonishing finesse. It’s enhanced by an electronic rear locking differential and adjustable suspension that provide a firm, yet absorbent, ride.

Handling is assured, allowing drivers to tackle corners with confidence. There isn’t much body lean, but you will notice the weight of the battery. The GV60’s regenerative braking allows you to easily drive smoothly while using just one pedal. Additionally, there’s enough athleticism to maintain interest, making this EV a sublime driving companion.

It’s one rad ride.

That said, cheaper models from corporate siblings Hyundai and Kia will go farther on a charge. And while their design is just good, the level of added indulgence provided by the Genesis makes it worth the extra cash.

How much extra cash? Well, the base Standard model starts at $52,000, while our Performance test vehicle brings in $69,550 before options.

That’s not inexpensive. However, it’s a magnificent EV that offer an unparalleled driving experience, a respectable tech package, and an unparalleled design ambiance.


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