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Ford Recalls Over 2 Million Explorers; Trim Parts Can Fly Off

by | January 25, 2024

Ford recalled more than 2 million Explorer SUVs. The automaker told federal regulators that trim parts may not have been attached properly and could fly off while driving, potentially hitting other vehicles.

About 2.24 million Ford Explorers will be affected by the new recall, including 1.9 million sold in the United States. The others were exported to Canada and other foreign markets, according to the automaker.

Explorers sold during the 2011 through 2019 model years are covered by the recall.

2011 Ford Explorer

The recall covers Explorer models dating as far back as the 2011 model year, shown here, and as new as 2019.

The problem

According to documents supplied by Ford to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, trim pieces covering the Explorer’s roof supports could come loose while the vehicle is in motion.

“The A-pillar trim retention clips may not be properly engaged, allowing the trim to detach,” Ford said in a statement.

Were that to happen, it was determined, this could create a road hazard for both the driver of the Explorer and other motorists, potentially leading to a crash.

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NHTSA presses Ford for recall

Ford initially planned to notify Explorer owners that there was a service action covering their vehicles. The automaker determined that only about 5% of the SUV built during those nine model years might experience a problem with improperly attached trim pieces.

But NHTSA said the numbers justified a more extensive recall. It reports that there have been 568 consumer complaints filed, while dealers have reported over 14,000 re

pairs involving loose trim. As a result, it ordered the automaker to make the more extensive move.

Even so, industry and NHTSA data show that fewer than 80% of vehicle owners normally respond to recall notices, with even lower numbers typically seeking repairs for seemingly minor concerns

What next

Recall notices will begin going out to the owners of affected vehicles on March 13. It will advise motorists to take their vehicles in to dealer service departments for repairs.

Ford plans to have dealers inspect the suspect trim pieces and better secure them, where necessary. It also will add adhesive to further reduce any risk.

Explorer owners can find out more by contacting Ford’s customer service line at 1-866-436-7332. The automaker refers to this recall by the code 24S02. Motorists also can go the website or call the agency’s hotline at 1-888-327-4236.


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