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GM Pushes Back Sale of Midsize Trucks Due to Software Issue

by | February 20, 2024

General Motors put a halt to the sale and delivery of its 2024 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups after a software glitch was discovered. The company is fixing the problem and expects to lift the hold soon. It’s the second major software problem to halt a high-profile vehicle. The stop sale hasn’t yet been lifted on the Chevy Blazer EV.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison - front w Valley behind v2

GM halted sales of its 2024 Chevrolet Colorado as it addresses a software problem.

The midsize pickup segment is highly competitive and sales are strong. More competitors are in the segment than at any time in recent history so GM having a problem with its newest models is a massive issue.

The company is delaying the sale of the trucks to implement a fix to a software problem. No word on what the issue is, but it affects about 15,000 trucks, none of which have been delivered to customers, according to an Automotive News report.

“Certain [model year 2024] Colorados and Canyons displayed intermittent software quality issues, identified during our rigorous validation process,” Brandee Barker, GM’s vice president of global technology communications, said in a statement to Automotive News. “A fix has been identified and implemented into vehicles that have begun shipping to dealers this morning.”

Officials said the problem is not a safety issue and expects the stop sale to end very soon.

Rearing its ugly head

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X AEV driving REL

The company also put a stop on the 2024 GMC Canyon as well. Sales are expected to resume soon.

The current problem is only the most recent occurrence of software issues for the company, and with vehicles becoming reliant on more and more software, this could become a much bigger problem for GM than it is currently.

“We’ve put in place a world-class software leadership team that is urgently working to overcome any issues in the short term, while building for the long term, including revamping the software development process and more importantly the validation process. We’re confident that our vehicles will have software that exceeds customer expectations,” Barker told Automotive News.

Not every software problem is easily resolved, as GM knows as it’s still grappling with the problem that put a halt to sales of its Chevy Blazer EV in December.

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Troubled start

Problems with the 2024 Blazer EV began being reported early by owners as well as automotive journalists during their early reviews of the all-new, all-electric SUV that is part of GM’s massive electrification effort.

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV RS - side by hills

The software problem that led to the stop-sale of the Chevrolet Blazer EV in December hasn’t been resolved.

Owners reported problems charging using public DC quick chargers early on after they received their vehicles. But there have also been problems reported with window switches, infotainment screens and onboard map software.

“A limited number of customers have experienced software quality related issues. For that reason, we have decided to voluntarily pause sales of the Blazer EV temporarily until we can issue a software update to remedy these concerns,” Chevrolet said in a statement attributed to Scott Bell, the global vice president for Chevrolet, last December.

The Blazer EV received generally positive reviews during a weeklong series of brief media drives earlier in December — including this one from Headlight.News — but reports of trouble started circulating as more journalists been given the change to drive the electric crossover for extended runs. Edmunds, for example, published a report noting its test vehicle, with less than 2,000 miles on the odometer, experienced “23 problems.”


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