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GMC Confirms CrabWalk Is Coming To 2024 Sierra EV, Truck Gets Higher Capabilities Than Advertised

by | April 16, 2024

The GMC Sierra EV is promising to be a potent sequel to the brand’s Hummer lineup and new information released by GMC not only confirms that the model will get features from its Hummer siblings but also higher capabilities than initially advertised. 

GMC Sierra EV will be the brand’s third Ultium offering

GM’s rollout of its Ultium-powered EV lineup has been picking up steam over the past few years with models like the Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq, and the Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup all showing what the technology is capable of. However, the GMC Sierra EV has always lurked in the shadows with the truck being the third EV model that the brand will receive when it makes its way to GMC showrooms this summer. 

GMC revealed the truck’s production capabilities in an announcement earlier today and not only will buyers get more capability and range than initially advertised, but the truck will also bring several surprises to customers including the CrabWalk feature in an attempt to make the Sierra EV one of the most hotly anticipated EV pickups of the year. 

 GMC Sierra EV CrabWalks onto the dance floor

GMC Sierra EV will eventually have three trim levels


A prominent feature that GMC will be adding to the truck is its CrabWalk feature which works with the four-wheel steering system. Once reserved for Hummer models, the Sierra will be the first formal GMC model to come equipped with the technology which allows the truck to navigate tight spaces on the trail by moving diagonally which is similar to the crustacean that it’s named after. 

The feature can also be used to get into tight parking spaces and we suspect that it will be a potent conversation starter when you take the truck to your local block party. Like the Hummer, the feature is accessed via a knob for the four-wheel steering system and GMC even released a video of the Sierra sharing a snowy dance floor with its Hummer siblings which can be seen here. 

GMC beefs up truck’s capabilities 

The GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will include plenty of high-end materials.

When GMC last talked about the Sierra EV, the brand released initial specifications for key truck stuff categories, but said that they may change between the original show truck and the production version. As it turns out, changes were indeed made, with buyers getting a rig that offers more in all the right places than initially advertised. 

For example, the Sierra EV now has a max tow rating of 10,000 lbs which is up by 500 lbs while the payload figure has gone up by 150 lbs to a revised total of 1,450 lbs. Both categories are higher than what was initially announced and that should please buyers that want the most out of their EV purchase especially when they take the Sierra out onto a job site or even use it to haul their gear on a long vacation. 

Performance for the GMC is shared with its Chevrolet counterpart the Silverado RST with all Denali models getting a dual-motor EV powertrain that makes 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque when the truck is placed in “Max Power” mode though GMC stopped short of revealing what the default power figure is when the truck is in its default driving mode.  

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Sierra EV paints bigger picture for GM

GMC will use a different screen layout for the Sierra’s instrument and infotainment screens

When the 2024 GMC Sierra EV makes its way to showrooms this summer, it will help flesh out GM’s broader plans for electrification. The first wave of trucks will all be Denali Edition 1 models with GMC saying that it has trimmed the base price from $108,695 to $98,995 with the figure including the $1,495 destination fee. Like its Hummer counterparts, the Sierra will eventually be joined by its more affordable cousins the Elevation and the rugged AT4 model. 

The Sierra is slated to start production at GM’s Factory Zero plant in Hamtramck, Michigan which is also home to the Silverado and Hummer EV models. That will change in 2025 when the model will also be produced at the Orion Assembly plant as part of a GM plan to expand EV production to other plants to alleviate some of the load off of Factory Zero’s assembly line.  






  1. I’ve driven longer than anyone reading this post and I can say I’ve never been in a situation where I needed to crab-walk.

    • How often do you go off-road?


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