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Lincoln Debuts Updated Digital Scent Collection Feature with Seven Options

by | February 20, 2024

Ford’s luxury marque Lincoln is looking to gain a bigger foothold in the segment. Already praised in recent years for its stellar interior designs, the brand is looking to leverage the entire driving experience to attract and keep buyers. Look and feel have been addressed, now with its new Digital Scent Collection, Lincoln’s hoping to use smell to create a strong bond between owners and their luxury utes.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve Jet Package driving REL

Lincoln is looking to form stronger bonds with owners with its newly expanded digit scent technology. It’s making its debut in the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is shaping up to be a formidable entry in the luxury SUV segment thanks to its balanced combination of style, luxury, and technology.

However, Lincoln also understands that helping occupants achieve maximum personal wellness behind the wheel is important too and the company has pressed forward with this by introducing an all-new Digital Scent Collection feature which will be making its debut on the Nautilus.

Art of Fragrance

The core art of pumping scents into a vehicle is nothing new with other automakers incorporating some form of this feature into select automobiles over the years. However, Lincoln is entering new territory by making several improvements that help make technology a bigger part of the scent experience.

Lincoln Digital Scent loading cartridges REL

Lincoln expands its scent collection to seven digital in-cabin scents for a fresh and personalized interior experience, first introduced and available in the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus SUV.

The bulk of these enhancements are achieved via the scent cartridges which come with an incorporated microchip. This microchip allows the cartridge to be controlled via the center touchscreen with occupants also having the ability to integrate each scent into the broader Lincoln Digital Experience system.

The scent menu in the touchscreen allows occupants to not only select the scent they want, but also control how much of it is dispersed through the cabin with three different levels to choose from. If they have a companion along for the ride, owners can also create separate profiles in the system to help maximize comfort.

The technology also changes the way the scents are dispersed with the cartridges dispersing their aromas through the center console versus the heating and cooling system. This revised setup eliminated the need to incorporate the dispersal unit into the ventilation system itself. It also allows the center console unit to store up to three different cartridges at once. Previously, only one aroma was available for your entire commute.

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Scent Nirvana

When the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus makes its way to dealerships, buyers will initially have three scents to choose from: Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure and Violet Cashmere. However, if they prefer to have more variety in their scent experience, Lincoln will have four more scent options available: Twilight Embers, Sunlight Retreat, Serene Seashore and Cloud Balsam.

Lincoln Digital Scent collection REL

Lincoln allows owners to buy new scent cartridges by going to its accessories webpages.

All seven fragrances were crafted for Lincoln by perfumiers who worked alongside Lincoln designers with the brand even making sure that each of them was certified by the International Fragrance Association.

“Scent is one of the five senses that has one of the strongest connections to not only memory, but emotion and can play a significant role in creating an experience for our clients on the road,” said Flore Tramblin, visualization designer for Lincoln.

Buyers looking to get additional scent cartridges for their 2024 Nautilus can get them through the accessories page at with each cartridge costing $30. Buyers that have the Lincoln Reward Pass app can also get one for 6,000 reward points.

Also look for the Digital Scent Collection to play a bigger role in Lincoln products moving forward with the system expanding its reach to other Lincoln offerings including the flagship Lincoln Navigator.


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