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2025 Rolls Royce Cullinan Series II Polishes Crown Jewel Model With New Styling and Updated Luxury

by | May 7, 2024

Rolls Royce polishes crown jewel in its vehicle lineup with the 2025 Cullinan Series II SUV. More luxury defines driving experience and tweaked styling enhances the SUV’s wow factor. 

When it comes to luxury, few can hold a candle to the Rolls Royce Cullinan. The Cullinan helped the British ultra-luxury car maker break into the SUV segment and has proven to be a popular sales success for the brand since it made its debut back in 2018. 

However, Rolls knows that even this benchmark SUV needs an update from time to time to help it keep up with the rapidly changing trends that its well-heeled clientele gravitate to. Rolls has delivered with the 2025 Cullinan Series II which aims to keep the big SUV fresh while also adding more luxury to help remind buyers why it’s still considered a benchmark in the luxury SUV segment. 

Tweaked styling makes Cullinan a more mature offering 

The Cullinan’s exterior styling has always had a strong resemblance to the Phantom flagship sedan and this family identity continues with the 2025 Series II model. It still has plenty of Phantom DNA but the front fascia gets extended DRLs that run further down into the front bumper. Meanwhile, the slim air intakes have been replaced with larger ones that are slightly tilted. 

The front grille also lights up for the first time and the Cullinan will now come with massive 23-inch wheels standard. The rear fascia is mostly unchanged but Rolls says that the SUV’s design is supposed to mimic “illuminated skyscrapers in megacities” which is also a slight nod to the Cullinan’s popularity in these bustling metropolises. The Black Badge model follows the same script as far as updates go but it gets more black accents and different 23-inch wheels that feature a novel interwoven 10-spoke pattern. 


Cullinan’s interior ups the ante on luxury, gets higher quality materials 

The interior of the 2025 Cullinan Series II doesn’t change too much when it comes to the basic layout, but Rolls designers chose to focus their attention on updating materials and trim for the new model year. The Black Badge model gets new Duality Twill leather trim that uses 2.2 million stitches and 11 miles of thread. Rolls also added a small Spirit of Ecstasy emblem underneath the analog clock to drive home the point that you are in a Rolls Royce.  

The digital instrument cluster has also been reworked and Rolls says that the infotainment system gets new software that makes it faster and less laggy than before. The SUV is still a two-row SUV with the standard bench seat allowing the SUV to hold up to five passengers while the optional individual lounge seats take out the middleman and reduce capacity to four. 

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Rolls V12 engine is living on borrowed time 

Both the standard Cullinan Series II and its spicier Black Badge cousin are still powered by Rolls’s 6.75-liter V12. The standard model gets 563 hp while the Black Badge bumps output up slightly to 600 hp. An eight-speed automatic will continue to be the sole transmission choice available. 

The V12 has been a hallmark part of Rolls’s identity but it’s also living on borrowed time as well. The brand has stated in the past that it intends to go fully electric by 2030 and the aging and thirsty V12 will have to be retired to help make this transition a reality 

A glimpse of this new reality can be found in the new Spectre EV which pitches the twelve-cylinder for a bespoke electric powertrain that uses two electric motors to make 577 hp while also providing 260 miles of range. This EV layout will eventually migrate over to other Rolls models and will be a pillar of Roll’s new performance identity moving forward. 


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