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Kia Teases EV3 Ahead of May 23rd Debut, Will be Brand’s First Entry-Level EV

by | May 7, 2024

Kia is preparing to enter the entry-level EV wars with the all-new EV3. EV3 will help expand the pool of customers Kia can reach and will make its debut on May 23rd.

Kia EV3 teaser - front

The Kia EV3 will take its place as the Korean brand’s entry-level EV.

When Kia began its EV onslaught, the Korean brand made it clear that it was going to adopt an aggressive strategy to help it cement its place in the EV wars. The Kia EV9 and the slightly smaller EV6 served as spearheads into the EV market with Kia saying that the duo would represent a new era for Kia as the brand attempted to accelerate its plans for electrification.

However, both the EV9 and the EV6 have high price tags, and that contributed to some customers passing them up for other EV offerings. Kia is looking to change that with the EV3 which will target budget-minded EV buyers when it makes its debut this summer while also providing a gateway model that fleshes out the rest of Kia’s EV lineup. 

EV3 will be smallest Kia EV offering yet 

Kia’s newest EV will pick up on the futuristic exterior styling we’ve seen with the original EV6 and the newer, three-row EV9 SUV. That includes the highly angular theme with the taillights. 

These images also suggest that the production version of the EV3 will largely retain what we saw prior in the EV3 concept at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show albeit with the addition of traditional side mirrors, tweaked front and rear bumpers, and door handles to help comply with safety regulations and to help keep costs down. 

Kia EV3 - interior

The Kia EV3 concept interior.

Futuristic interior shines a spotlight on comfort 

The EV3 concept features a futuristic interior that shined a spotlight on comfort and minimalism with the latter being represented by the lack of traditional analog controls and a look that made maximum use of the cabin’s space. 

Look for the production version of the cabin to still embrace a minimalist theme, but not be as extreme with it as the concept with Kia engineers most likely putting analog controls back in to help the EV maintain a strong sense of familiarity and functionality in the minds of customers. That will be balanced out by plenty of unique features including the concept’s movable center console storage bin which

Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP Platform

can also lock into place and serve as a table. 

E-GMP platform will underpin EV3 

The production EV3 will be underpinned by Kia’s E-GMP EV platform. That’s the same “architecture underpinning not also the EV9 and EV6 but products from sibling brands such as the Hyundai Ioniq 7 and Genesis GV60.

However, rumors suggest the EV3 will not get the dual 400/800-volt system used in the other two Kia models. Instead, it will make do with a smaller — and less expensive — 400-volt system which is slated to be used in the international market-only EV5. This would be another attempt to reduce costs for the consumer while still delivering the range and performance needed to help the EV3 stand out in its segment. The downside: slower charging times.

The EV3’s small size would make it a prime target for urban buyers especially those that need a small EV that can navigate clogged city traffic and still be able to fit into tight parking spaces when they reach their favorite coffee shop or other local hangout.  

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Kia EV3 teaser - rear 3-4 detail

The EV3 is expected to target urban buyers.

Kia is hoping EV3 will be gateway to EVs

The Kia EV3 will make its online debut on May 23rd with the model going on sale later this year. When it does, the EV3 would be the entry-level model in Kia’s EV arsenal and would help Kia expand the reach of its electrified vehicles.

It’s not known if the EV3 will be available in the U.S. but if Kia decides to pull the trigger, the CUV would give U.S. dealers a useful gateway model that can lure potential customers to an EV lifestyle while also allowing those owners to eventually move up to either a bigger EV6 or an EV9 if they choose to do so which will please dealers looking to boost EV6 and EV9 sales in their showrooms.  


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