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First Look: 2025 BMW 3-Series

by | May 28, 2024

Long the benchmark among compact luxury sport sedans, the BMW 3-Series faces a growing list of serious competitors. That means the Bavarian automaker has a lot riding on the upcoming mid-cycle update. Headlight.News takes a first in-depth look at the 2025 BMW 3-Series.

2025 BMW 3-Series - rear 3-4

This is likely the last major update for the G20 version of the BMW 3-Series.

Few products dominate the market like the iconic BMW 3-Series – even in an era when so many traditional buyers have migrated to SUVs and CUVs. So, each time a new version rolls into showrooms, it draws intense scrutiny. The latest iteration is no exception.

The 2025 BMW 3-Series is a mid-cycle update, rather than a complete makeover, but its likely to be the last time the Bavarian automaker freshens up the platform known to BMW aficionados as the G20. The automaker is getting ready to launch an all-new compact line, based off the appropriately named Neue Klasse concept. So, for many 3-Series fans, the 2025 model will carry a bittersweet note.

The good news is that it offers more than just the typical tweaks to front and rear fascia, along with a handful of tech updates, that we generally expect from a mid-cycle refresh.

Powertrain updates

2025 BMW 3-Series - side

The big news for 2025 is the debut of two new mild hybrid powertrains for the 3-Series.

The latest-generation 3-Series debuted in 2022 and offered a number of new powertrain developments. For 2025, some of the most significant upgrades can be found under the hood.

That starts with the new B58B30M2 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine offered in the M340i. They feature a new 48-volt mild hybrid technology which help deliver more torque at lower RPMS. At 386 horsepower, it makes 11 hp more than the outgoing engine. Torque comes in at 398 pound-feet and reaches max at just 1,900 RPMs.

Paired with a 8-speed Steptronic Sport gearbox, the M340i will launch from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. That drops to 4.1 seconds with models equipped with the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Top speed is an electronically limited 155 mph with performance tires, 130 mph with all-season rubber.

The 330i gets BMW’s B48B20O2 2-liter inline 4-cylinder engine for 2025. It’s also a mild hybrid and gets the Miller cycle to improve fuel efficiency, along with other energy-enhancing upgrades. (Final EPA numbers haven’t been released yet, however.) This package makes a peak 255 hp and 295 lb-ft.

Enhanced ride dynamics

2025 BMW 3-Series - nose on

Exterior updates are modest with the 2025 3-Series.

“Drivers will enjoy a notable increase in comfort across all driving situations – regardless of the road surface conditions or the selected driving mode – without any loss of dynamic capability,” BMW said in a statement announcing the 2025 3-Series.

There are a number of “targeted” updates, starting with stiffer mounts for the rear dampers. Steering effort, the automaker claims, has been reduced in Comfort Mode.

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Design updates

2025 BMW 3-Series

The M340i adds another 11 hp for 2025.

From an exterior perspective, the 2025 3-Series revisions are modest, largely focused on two new colors: Arctic Race Blue and Vegas Red. But those who chose the M Sport package also get  the choice of two new 19-inch M alloy wheel designs.

There’s more inside, with two steering wheel designs, depending upon which version of the 3-Series you opt for.

The 2025 model’s cabin now boasts new “cascade” lighting which can be switched to any of nine colors. There are also a number of changes made to interior trim pieces, such as the new Fineline Light open-pored wood in the 330i and the M Aluminum Rhombicle detailing in the M340i.

Tech upgrades

2025 BMW 3-Series - interior

Some of the most notable upgrades impact the 3-Series’s personal voice assistant and navigation system.

Along with the powertrain upgrades, some of the most important changes for 2025 center around the 2-Series’ extensive array of tech features.

The sedan gets the latest version 8.5 of BMW’s familiar iDrive system and the new QuickSelect function makes it easier to jump directly to the function you want. There are, notably, fewer menus you have to drill down into.

The voice-activated Personal Assistant can operate a wide range of vehicle functions, even the positioning of the climate control vents. And the Live Cockpit view uses both a Head-Up Display and augmented reality to make it easier to follow the route laid out by the navigation system.

“At confusing junctions, for instance, an animated directional arrow is integrated into the video image to help the driver take the best turn-off for the planned route,” the automaker explained.

Pricing and availability

The 2025 BMW 3-series starts at $45,500 for the 330i package, with the optional xDrive adding another $2,000. The M340i jumps to $59,600, or $61,600 with the AWD system. Add $1,175 for delivery fees.

The automaker plans to begin rolling out the 2025 BMW 3-Series to various global markets this coming July. “Models for the US market will be produced at BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí in Mexico,” the automaker noted in a news release.

Expect the 2025 BMW 3-Series to go up against an expanding list of competitors, including products from conventional brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Genesis. It’s also facing more challenges from newer entries like Tesla with its recently updated Model 3.


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