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Cadillac Still Interested in Building a Hypercar, Will GM Approve It for Production?

by | June 5, 2024

Cadillac might be turning its eye onto the hypercar market according to a newly published report

Cadillac Unveils CELESTIQ

The Cadillac Celestiq will be a hand-built, $300,000 electric grand tourer.

Cadillac may be making headlines for its push to become an all-electrified brand but it can be easy to forget that Cadillac has also built its fair share of performance vehicles over the years including several concepts that promised Cadillac would enter the hypercar ranks. While this has not happened, the brand’s desire to enter the market is far from dead.

GM’s design chief Michael Simcoe revealed that he’s open to the idea of a Cadillac hypercar but will such a bold audacious idea ever get approved by the board of directors and CEO Mary Barra?

Hypercar would add prestige to Cadillac

A hypercar entry would allow Cadillac to leverage what it learned on the race track

Some would say that the Cadillac Celestiq is Cadillac’s hypercar but while the brand has often marketed the EV as a hyper-luxury sedan, it’s a far cry from what many would consider to be a true hypercar despite its high level of rarity. Instead, Simcoe revealed in an interview with the Australian publication Carsales that he’s open to the idea of building one but stopped short of revealing whether such a project is indeed in the works with his carefully worded remarks. 

“Could we build a hypercar? Yes. Would we like to build one? Yes. Are we building one? That would be giving too much away.” Simcoe also confirmed that such a creation also didn’t have to be a pure EV either and that an ICE powerplant could play into the mix in some shape or form. Having an ICE engine would also build on some prior moves that Cadillac has already made in racing with its V-Series.R racer featuring a V8 engine while its eventual arrival in Formula One with Andretti Motorsports would see its entry use a smaller V6 to comply with F1 regulations.

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Cadillac to focus on current strategy

For now, SUVs and EVs will form the backbone of Cadillac’s sales portfolio

Cadillac for its part has not commented on whether the brand is indeed working on a hypercar model. However, expect the brand to continue its strong push towards the EV and utility vehicle markets with no signs of a slowdown despite cooling demand for EVs which is forcing other automakers to alter or back pedal on their plans to have fully electrified vehicle lineups.

In addition, Cadillac will also continue to have a presence in the sedan market with models like the CT5 actually seeing an increase in sales versus the rest of the segment which has been in a downward slide for the past few years. The development of a hypercar would also divert money that would be used for other products especially those that are needed to help bolster the brand’s sales in the broader mass vehicle market.



  1. About as much chance as a Chrysler hyper car making it. Time to give up, Caddy is yesterday’s news.
    Stay with the Escalade, drop everything else and put money in the bank.

    • The test will be the Celestiq. And, again, check your data. You may be surprised by the volumes for some other models, Dave.

      Paul E.


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