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Volvo’s EX90 Flagship EV Finally Enters Production After Two Year Delay

by | June 6, 2024

Volvo’s EX90 flagship finally begins mass production after a two-year delay. Flagship model will spearhead massive EX product blitz.

Volvo confirms that it’s beginning production of the EX90 SUV after a two-year delay

Volvo made it clear that the EX90 EV would be a sign of bigger things to come for its EV ambitions. The EX90 was supposed to be the flagship model in the EX lineup and also be a futuristic counterpart to the ICE-powered XC90 luxury SUV.

But while it promised to provide buyers range, luxury, and technology. Volvo was forced to also give potential buyers a two-year-long delay as the Swedish auto company worked out software bugs that became apparent during the development process. The wait is now over, and Volvo confirmed that it has finally started production of the SUV.

The wait was worth it

The EX90 will usher in a new era for Volvo

Buyers who were patient enough to weather the delay will be rewarded with an SUV that’s eager to make up for lost time. The exterior styling of the EV has a traditional SUV shape but Volvo designers made the EX more aerodynamic thanks to a revised front grille panel and headlights with the rear of the SUV also doing its part to help the big SUV cut through the air. The design also shares some of its core blueprint with the smaller EX30 with Volvo reps saying that the EX lineup will usher in a new era for Volvo.

This era will include greater integration of advanced software and driver aids into the driving experience with the EX90 benefitting from an advanced LiDAR system. Ironically, this LiDAR feature is also the main reason why the EX90 was delayed in the first place with the company needing more time to perfect the complex software before it was ready to put the SUV into production. Other advanced tech features include a massive 14.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with improved software and a 25-speaker Dolby Atmos premium audio system.

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Performance and range will be potent buying points

The EX90 promises to deliver a balanced mixture of range and performance but it remains to be seen if its eligible for tax credits

All EX90 models are powered by a dual-motor electric powertrain but the trim ladder will play a role in how much power buyers get with the base Twin Motor model making 402 hp while the Performance variant boosts that to 510 hp, with both versions also benefitting from an 111.0 kWh battery pack that promises to deliver 300 miles of driving range when equipped to the base model.

Volvo also said that the EX90 will be manufactured and assembled in the U.S. but it remains to be seen if the SUV is eligible for any tax credits. We hope it does since these credits will help take some of the bite out of its base price which is supposed to start at just under $80,000. The assembly process itself has also received several upgrades with the South Carolina assembly plant where the EX90 will be produced getting upgraded body and paint production facilities as well as an all-new assembly line for the battery packs. Deliveries are expected to begin later this year and the EX90 will be joined by other EX-branded EVs over the next few years.



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