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First Drive: 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified – An EV for the Mainstream

by | March 28, 2024

 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified uses familiar package to help customers make the transition to all-electric commuting.

Genesis G80 carries over into 2024 with no changes.

The race to electrify the automotive industry has seen plenty of twists and turns but while a recent cooling of EV sales is forcing some automakers to rethink their plans for an all-electric lineup of models, Genesis is one of the few that’s still moving full speed ahead for broader adoption. The Korean luxury brand is hoping that the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified will help buyers make the leap to EVs but in a way that makes them feel comfortable and less anxious. 

But does the G80 have what it takes to make customers look beyond its plain suit of clothes and appreciate some of the advanced electric components that lurk under the surface or does it still fall behind rivals from Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and others?

 G80 Electrified styling shares family resemblance

Genesis G80 Electrified brings unique approach to EVs.

The key way that Genesis is looking to do this is to give the Electrified exterior styling that is more conventional with the model resisting the urge to go all in on design like other EVs we have seen in the past few years. 

Instead, it shares plenty of styling cues with the ICE-powered G80 and at first glance, casual observers might have a hard time telling the two apart. Look closer and the subtle differences begin to emerge with the Electrified getting a large diamond-shaped grille panel, a tweaked lower front bumper, and the removal of its exhaust tips. The grille panel also hides a front-mounted charging port to help make accessing charging stations easier. 

Genesis reps that we spoke with in the past say that this strong similarity between the two was intentional and is an attempt to lure in consumers that might want an EV but prefer to have it in a package that allows them to blend in better with traffic. This ability to blend in might encourage some buyers to adopt an EV without them feeling out of step with style trends. 

 G80 Electrified interior delivers the goods on comfort 

G80 Electrifed interior retains alot of the luxuries found in the ICE model.

Slip inside the G80 Electrified and you’ll find that the cabin also shares plenty of things with its gasoline-burning counterpart. Material quality is still very good and the front heated and cooled leather seats deliver a balanced amount of comfort and support. 

However, putting the battery pack and the electric motors in the G80 did result in some minor changes that are not obvious when viewing the car in photos. Headroom in the front seats and rear seats is reduced slightly and the trunk gives up two cubic feet of space for a revised total of 10.8 cubic feet. Rear seat room is good for the most part but leg and knee room is tight due to the battery pack under the floor.  

A large 14.5-inch infotainment screen is mounted in the dashboard but unlike other infotainment systems this one is not a pure touch type and is instead operated by a large circular controller in the center console as well as steering wheel mounted buttons and voice commands. The system also gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard with a powerful Lexicon premium audio system also available for audiophiles to enjoy.

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G80 prefers to cruise through the motions 

The addition of the electric components does cause minor reductions in interior room.

Performance for the Electrified comes from an 87.2 kWh battery pack and a pair of electric motors that are mounted on both axles. This setup not only gives the Electrified standard all-wheel drive but also allows it to make a combined system output of 365 horsepower. Acceleration is pretty quick with our tester needing 4.1 seconds to make the sprint to 60 mph. 

However while the powertrain delivers good amounts of acceleration, the G80 Electrified is not a performance model with the suspension delivering noticeable amounts of body roll when pushed hard. Instead, the car prefers to take things at a slower pace, and if the driver obliges the chassis delivers composed handling and soaks up the miles on long road trips with ease. 

Genesis says that the Electrified can go up to 282 miles before it needs a charge with the EPA saying that the model is rated at 105/89/97 MPGe in city/freeway/combined driving. That’s much less than the Tesla Model S’s 124/155/120 MPGe in the same categories but is better than the Mercedes EQS sedan’s 95/98/96 MPGe.  

 Final Word 

The 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified is trying to walk a fine line between offering balanced styling and the electric range that many buyers want in an EV. That’s reflected in its pricing with a base G80 Electrified starting at $75,625. Our tester arrived with the range-topping Prestige package which added $4,750 to the base price for a revised MSRP of $80,375. 

All G80 Electrified models come with dual electric motors and an 87.2 kWh battery pack. 

That pricing puts the G80 in a proverbial sweet spot for the segment with the base pricing not only being on target with the Model S’s $71,090 base sticker but also under the base $104,000 base price Mercedes-Benz charges for a base EQS. The Electrified also competes with the smaller $74,900 EQE but that model’s interior quality falls short of matching the G80’s. 

A prominent catch though is that the G80 Electrified will only be available in select states so potential buyers will need to check with their local Genesis showroom to find out if they can order one where they live. If all the pieces fall into place, the 2024 Genesis G80 Electrified is an interesting alternative to established EV benchmarks and its unique approach to the art of electrification might help give it an edge with customers. 


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