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Genesis Slowing EV Plans, Reportedly Adding Hybrids to Lineup

by | February 20, 2024

Korean luxury brand Genesis is reportedly rethinking its plans to evolve into an all-electric brand. The company is instead looking at other electrification options, with plans to launch its first hybrid model as early as next year. But what form it will take reportedly has not yet been determined.

2023 Genesis G90 front 3-4 REL

The 2023 Genesis G90 introduced a “mild” hybrid system which is used only for a performance boost. Future models would use either conventional or plug-in hybrid technology.

Like a number of other luxury brands, Genesis was planning to evolve into an all-electric marque, with no all-new models using internal combustion technology set to be launched after 2025. Now, however, with the pace of EV sales growth slowing, the high-end arm of Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) appears to be rethinking it strategy.

Instead of going 100% electric, Genesis is looking to introduce its first hybrid model by sometime in 2025, according to a report by The Korean Economic Daily, with a goal of attracting buyers currently “hesitant to switch to all-electric vehicles.”

Genesis “will remain flexible”

HMG “is expected to release hybrid cars under its premium brand Genesis next year to attract drivers hesitant to switch to all-electric vehicles, according to automotive industry sources,” the daily publication said in its English language global edition. It did not identify any of those sources.

Technically, Genesis does offer a hybrid now, albeit a “mild” 48-volt system launched in the 2023 G90 sedan. But unlike what most folks might think of as a hybrid, the system simply uses battery-assist technology in lieu of a conventional supercharger. It’s designed to inject an instant 45-horsepower boost. not to improve fuel economy.

Genesis X Snow Speedium Concept - side driving

Genesis was planning to go 100% electric on all-new models — one of which is expected to be based on the X Speedium Concept shown here.

Going forward, Genesis is reportedly looking at several other options, including both conventional and plug-in hybrids.

“At this time, our product line-up is focused on BEVs and ICE models,” U.S. spokesman Jarred Pellat told Headlight.News in a text. But while he said the automaker does “not have any updates to share regarding alternative powertrains at this time,” Pellat added that Genesis will “remain flexible based on market conditions and consumer demand.”

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The parent group has a variety of electrified options available, and the Korean publication said it’s likely the first gas-electric package will be based on an existing 2.5-liter inline-4 engine. But whether it will be a conventional or a plug-in hybrid wasn’t clear.

Genesis dealers in the U.S. reportedly have asked the company to go with plug-in technology. PHEVs offer several potential advantages, including the ability to handle the typical daily commute or errand run solely in all-electric mode. With both parts of the drivetrain fired up, plug-ins can deliver the solid performance luxury buyers expect. And, when their batteries run down, they can continue operating on gas, eliminating the range anxiety issue of an EV. The hybrid side will still boost mileage, as well.

2024 Genesis G80

The Genesis G80 could be one of the first models to get a conventional or plug-in hybrid option.

The downside is that packing two powertrain systems under the hood does increase up-front costs, as well as maintenance. But that is typically of less concern for luxury buyers.

The other question is which model — or models — would go hybrid. The Korean Economic Daily speculated the most likely options would be the Genesis G80 sedan or the GV70 crossover.

EVs aren’t out of the picture

It isn’t likely that Genesis will abandon its electrification program. The automaker currently offers three all-electric models: the GV60 and Electrified GV70 crossovers, as well as the Electrified G80 sedan.

Under the official plan still in effect, Genesis was set to continue using internal combustion engines well into the latter half of this decade, but only in existing model lines. All-new products would go fully electric.

“Genesis continues to be committed to pursuing our electrification plans and being a leader in the era of electrification, said Pellat. But that leaves open the possible “flexibility” that could see the luxury brand introduce other forms of electrified vehicles, including hybrids and PHEVs.

Based on the timetable the Korean Economic Daily laid out, we could hear more about revised Genesis plans later this year. And the luxury brand wouldn’t be alone. A number of manufacturers have been revising their plans as EV sales growth flattens out. General Motors, in particular, announced this month that it will add plug-ins to its own U.S. lineup, something it previously had ruled out.


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