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2025 Genesis GV80 Gives Buyers More Style and Technology, Starts at $59,050

by | May 6, 2024

2025 Genesis GV80 is looking to firmly establish itself in the luxury SUV segment with its updated interior, tweaked exterior, and a pricing ladder that allows it to maintain its place as a value-focused contender for family buyers.

When Genesis revealed the 2025 Genesis GV80 late last year, the updated SUV signaled that the brand was preparing to cement the GV80’s place in the minds of family buyers looking for a luxury-filled family vehicle for their fleet. The interior featured tasteful updates that increased the amount of technology that it had to offer while the appearance of a new coupe model gave the GV80 a sportier edge.

One lingering question was how much the 2025 model would cost and whether it would be able to maintain the impressive value that helped its predecessor become a popular choice among customers. Genesis is finally answering that question and has formally unveiled the official pricing ladder for the model which is preparing to take a bigger chunk of the SUV segment for itself.

Genesis GV80 still maintains value

An important caveat here is that the pricing ladder Genesis released is for the standard model only with Genesis choosing to keep the stylish coupe version’s pricing closely to the vest. Look past that, and you’ll find that Genesis is still trying to give customers an impressive amount of value for the dollar with a base model starting at $59,050. That figure is close to the outgoing SUV, but Genesis did remove some items to help pull this off with the heated steering wheel and the manual rear shades being removed from the entry-level Standard model. Buyers that still want those items will have to pay an extra $1,000 for a new option package that will add them back in. We have included the full pricing ladder below.


  • GV80 2.5T Standard: $59,050
  • GV80 2.5T: $60,050
  • GV80 2.5T Select: $62,950
  • GV80 2.5T Advanced: $66,950
  • GV80 2.5T Prestige: $71,800
  • GV80 3.5T Advanced: $75,150
  • GV80 3.5T Prestige: $80,650

The GV80 still maintains a package-focused build structure for consumers and while it still comes with a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6, customers will still need to select the appropriate package to add to the SUV to help ensure they get the equipment and features that they want in their SUV purchase. This strategy has proven to be popular with buyers and the GV80 is still noticeably less expensive than many of its German luxury rivals which often force buyers to pay much more for the same level of features.

Interior technology highlights GV80 updates

With the GV80’s exterior and performance hardware carrying over largely unchanged, Genesis chose to focus the bulk of its updates on revamping the interior for the new model year. The digital instrument cluster and the large infotainment system screen have now been unified into one large 27-inch screen and the steering wheel now gets a three-spoke design instead of the odd-looking two-spoke look that has long been used on Genesis products.

The center console also gets an improved design that gives buyers bigger cupholders and an improved control layout to help improve usability and ergonomics. Genesis has also given the cabin higher quality materials and the SUV also gets Over The Air update (OTA) capability for the first time ever.

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Coupe Model will be flagship model

Unlike the standard GV80, the Coupe is positioned as the flagship of the model family and will offer several distinct features that aim to separate it from its sibling. The exterior styling gets a tweaked rear end that includes a sloping roofline and minor exterior changes to make it more distinctive in traffic.

Genesis also pitches the 2.5-liter and is making the coupe a V6-only affair with the model being powered by either the default version of the V6, or a spicier version that adds an electrically operated supercharger to boost performance and fuel economy. It’s unknown when Genesis will release pricing for the coupe variant, but look for it to have a pricing ladder that’s higher than the standard model’s to reflect its exclusive status in the GV80 lineup


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