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Lamborghini is the Latest to Get a New Logo

by | March 28, 2024

No bull? Well, a slightly different one, at least when it comes to the revised logo that Lamborghini has announced. It marks the most dramatic change to the iconic badge in decades – but it’s in line with what a number of other automakers have done lately.

Lamborghini is clarifying its visua identityl with new logo.

Casual observers might not even notice, but Lamborghini fans have already taken to social media channels to debate the big announcement the Italian supercar brand announced Thursday.

It is revising the familiar brand logo to give it a simpler, flatter appearance. The new logo still features “LAMBORGHINI” spelled out at the top of a slightly wider triangular shield. And there’s still the familiar charging bull.

But the three-dimensional image has been completely flattened, with many of the bull’s details, such as its well-muscled spine, vanishing.

Why change?

The differences between the two will be hard to spot.

This is the first notable makeover of the Lamborghini badge in two decades.

According to a statement from Lambo, the move was made to “symboliz(e) the clear identity of the brand.”

The goal is emphasize “the brand’s visual expression to better reflect the ‘brave,’ ‘unexpected,’ and ‘authentic’ values of its mission, namely ‘Driving Humans Beyond.’

A transition point

Stephan Winklemann CEO of Lamborghini

Lamborghini might also have pointed out that the new badge appears at an important transition point for the brand, as it launches its Direzione Cor Tauri, the name it has given to its shift to plug-based performance vehicles.

The automaker is moving in that new direction first with the launch of several plug-in hybrids. The new Revuelto is a 1,001-horsepower PHEV pairing an electric drive system with a naturally aspirated V-12. A PHEV version of the Urus also is coming, as well as a hybridized update of the Huracan.

Lamborghini will follow sometime around 2028 with all-electric vehicles.

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More badge changes

Lamborghini not the only automaker to change their badge design.

Lamborghini is by no means the only automaker adopting a new badge design.

We’ve seen a number of manufacturers update their logos over the last several decade, including Ford which updated its iconic Blue Oval earlier this year. Buick has gone to a new “tri-bar design” and, like Lamborghini, the Volkswagen brand flattened out the familiar pie plate-shaped brand badge.

Several automakers have also modified their badges to reflect their focus on greener technologies. Toyota was among several adding blue to logos used on its electrified models.


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