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GMC Teases “Bolder” 2025 Terrain

by | April 18, 2024

GMC is getting ready to reveal the third-generation Terrain SUV and on Thursday released the first teaser image showing what it describes as a “bolder, more assertive” design. Spy photos that have already made the rounds suggest a boxier more classic exterior, while the cabin adopts more technology, including a larger touchscreen.

The outgoing 2024 GMC Terrain has a less boxy look.

In the General Motors hierarchy, the GMC brand has traditionally been a fast follower of the bigger, more mainstream Chevrolet division. And that’s proving the case this year with several more new models. The GMC Sierra EV, for example, will come to market about a year after Chevy’s all-electric version of the Silverado pickup.

And, as the “professional grade” brand reminded us on Thursday, the same strategy is being used for the automaker’s compact SUV, the 2025 GMC Terrain following close behind the launch of the new Chevrolet Equinox.

Terrain Teased

The carefully cropped image, above, is the first official look at the third-generation Terrain. What we can see of the SUV’s new fascia, grille and lighting adopts what GMC describes as a “bolder, more assertive” design.

2024 GMC Terrain

The interior of the outgoing GMC Terrain will get a significant makeover, as well.

Based on what we’ve already seen in some spy shots, that translates into a more upright front end and an overall boxier body.  It’s hard to tell for sure, but it appears likely that GMC will go with more modern LED lighting, at least on some versions of the SUV.

The version seen in this official release is the AT4, the more rugged, off-road-oriented version of the Terrain. As is becoming the norm for GMC, we’re likely to see three distinct versions: the AT4, a mainstream package and the more luxurious Denali package.

Upgraded interior

This is a big year for GMC. Not only are we seeing the new Terrain and the Sierra EV, but the A

The interior of the 2025 GMC Terrain is expected to look more like that of the Acadia, shown here.

cadia also has gone through a major makeover. Even the Yukon had a modest refresh.

If anything, the 2025 GMC Terrain’s interior is expected to borrow extensively from the layout of the Acadia. Expect to see a move to more digital technology, including what is likely to be an 11-inch digital gauge cluster and a 15-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system. (Though it’s unclear if that will be an upgrade, with smaller screens on the mainstream SUV.

One of the questions we’ll have to wait to see answered is whether the new Terrain will be among the 2025 models to get General Motors’ hands-free Super Cruise technology.

In terms of interior space, the new Terrain should be one of the roomier models in its segment and offer something similar to the max 65.3 cubic feet of cargo space in the new Equinox. It also will get a 60/40 split-folding rear seat.

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The 2025 GMC Terrain shares the same platform as the next-generation Chevy Equinox. They’re all but certain to offer the same underlying suspension and other key components.

It’s possible we could be in for a surprise, but that also should mean they share the same powertrain line-up, with a 1.5-liter turbo-four making 175-horsepower. The engine will be paired with an 8-speed automatic in its all-wheel-drive package. Sources disagree about the gearbox for the 2-wheel-drive configuration but it could be a CVT.

Pricing and availability

According to the GMC news release accompanying this teaser image, it “plans to reveal the next-generation Terrain later this year.”

Set to roll out of the GM assembly plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, production is now scheduled to begin in mid-October which is reportedly a few months behind the original target date. GMC has not confirmed the delay nor offered any explanation.

It’s also holding back on releasing pricing until closer to production. But don’t be surprised if the mainstream package starts around $31,000. A loaded 2025 GMC Terrain Denali will likely nudge into the $40,000 range.


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