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Ram 1200 To Make Debut In Mexico, Could Preview a Potential Future Model for The U.S.

by | June 5, 2024

Ram’s 1200 pickup signals return to the compact truck segment. Peugeot technology and sturdy platform make 1200 standout.

Ram’s 1200 will be a bold gamble for Ram in Mexico’s pickup market

RAM will be getting a new compact midsize pickup in Mexico named the 1200, which will hit dealerships in June.

As the name indicates, the new RAM 1200 fills the void between the full-size 1500 and the subcompact unibody 700 that’s actually a rebadged Fiat Strada from Brazil, that has been very successful in Mexico.

Ram making a big gamble

The 1200 may be small, but Ram says it can pull its weight on the job site

The alert reader will notice that RAM Mexico put itself into a corner because naming this model the 1200 makes it very difficult to offer the Brazilian-made Rampage in the Mexican market, unless it called it something like the RAM 1350, which can be very confusing to the consumer. The RAM 1200 is not actually a new vehicle for the Mexican market. Stellantis had been selling the truck there since 2020 as the Peugeot Landtrek and it’s actually a rebadged Chinese-made Changan Kaicheng F70.

Stellantis realized the RAM dealership network would make this midsize pickup sell in greater numbers than the Peugeot dealers, so the Peugeot Landtrek was turned into the RAM 1200. Of course, the styling was changed to make this into a RAM vehicle. The grille was redesigned, with the overall exterior design following the same basic blueprint as its full-size cousins while the tailgate gains prominent RAM badging.

With the name change, the sales strategy for this midsize has also changed for the better: it now offers an additional single-cab body style, instead of being available only in a dual-cab configuration back when it was a Peugeot model. The new single-cab version will only be available on the Tradesman, which is the most basic trim for the RAM 1200 lineup and is work-oriented. It has an 8-foot cargo box and a payload capacity of 1,150 kilograms (2,535 pounds) while towing capacity is 3.0 tons.

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Diverse trim ladder aims for value

Technology will be a key selling point for the Ram 1200

The Tradesman trim level also offers a dual cab version, with a 5.24-foot box and a 1,210 kg (2,667 pounds) payload; towing capacity is 3.0 tons like the single cab version. The dual-cab body style is also offered in Bighorn and Laramie trim levels, with these two variants targeting family buyers. Their payload capacity is 1,120 kg (2469 lb.). A 2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder gasoline engine, with 210 hp and 226 lb.-ft torque will power all versions of the RAM 1200. The engine will be offered either in rear-wheel drive with a 6-speed manual transmission in the Tradesman or a 6-speed automatic with AutoStick manual control in the Bighorn and Laramie versions.  The Bighorn is RWD, while the Laramie is 4×4 with the Laramie’s system also including a rear differential lock.

The cabin of Bighorn and Laramie versions has a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with CarPlay and Android Auto and reverse camera. The top-of-the-line Laramie version has a 360-degree camera system. The Tradesman has a smaller screen with MP3 Bluetooth capability. Safety equipment includes 6 airbags (dual cab versions, single cabs get just the two front airbags), Vehicle Stability Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and Hill Start Assist. The top-of-the-line Laramie version gets Lane Departure Warning.

The Tradesman single cab will sell for $444,900 pesos ($26,294 USD at an exchange rate of 16.92 pesos per US dollar) while the dual cab will cost $492,900 pesos ($29,131 USD). The Bighorn 4×2 automatic will sell for $579,900 pesos ($34,273 USD) and the Laramie 4×4 automatic will cost $668,900 pesos ($39,533 USD).

The U.S. will also get a mid-size pickup model

Ram’s mid-size pickup plans will also expand into the U.S. albeit with some noticeable differences

A mid-size Ram pickup will eventually be coming to the U.S. too with the model being confirmed via an agreement that Stellantis made with the UAW to end its strike of the company. However, with U.S. regulations being significantly tougher than what Ram has to contend with in Mexico, the new mid-size truck will be noticeably different from the 1200 seen here with the moniker itself potentially being scrapped for a name that can resonate better in the minds of American buyers.  


  1. Nothing says pickup quality like Peugeot and Changan.

    • One place we agree!

      Paul E.

  2. “Could Preview a Potential Future Model for The U.S”?

    Er, no. Rather a misleading headline, as you indicate this is a Chinese platform (built in China) and requirements for a US market truck are quite different than an entry for Mexico. The only thing I expect to be shared is the Ram badge.

    • It depends upon what Ram decides to do. Recall Ford’s strategy for bringing back Ranger, initially going for the global platform and only now going for one optimized for the American market.

      Paul E.

      • Yeah–but this isn’t even a Stellantis platform; they have no leverage to strong-arm Changan to set up a plant in North America (nor has Changan announced plans to do so). As you note, there is a truck planned to be built here, per the latest UAW contract, but aside from sharing a Ram badge and maybe grille texture, it won’t have anything to do with this truck. The good news for Ram, as Dave and you both note, is that the US truck will be screwed together far better than this one.

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