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2025 Mini Cooper 4 Door Brings More Style But Gains Space

by | June 12, 2024

Mini’s four-door Cooper model pitches Hardtop name, goes in a more stylish direction

Mini unveiled the 2025 Cooper 4 Door

When Mini revealed the 2025 Cooper 2 Door a few months ago, it signaled that the brand was going to take the iconic Cooper in a more style-focused direction as it prepares to enter an evolving automotive market. The 2 Door certainly laid down the blueprint for this plan, but we wondered what the four-door version would bring to the table?

Mini has delivered the answer with the 2025 Cooper 4 Door. The slightly more practical version of the Cooper gets the same suite of updates as its two-door counterpart and a slight name change with Mini retiring the “Hardtop” portion of its moniker for the new model year.

Simplified name highlights updates

The updates mirror what we have seen in the 2 Door but rear passengers get more space

In addition to the simplified nameplate, the Cooper 4 Door also gets the 2 Door’s suite of updates with the front fascia getting a smoothed-out look that includes a reworked front grille, tweaked LED headlights, and a different hood design. Adding two extra doors to the Cooper helps improve practicality but we’ll admit that it does play a role in making this Cooper look a bit clunkier than the 2 Door. However, the updated rear LED taillights help claw back some ground and the tweaked liftgate now gets a prominent center bar with the Cooper lettering being mounted in the center. It’s no accident that the look also mirrors what we see in the Electric model with the brand having big plans in the world of electrification. The Cooper’s four trim levels: Essential, Classic, Favored, and JCW continue to promote the diverse amount of choice that buyers will have when ordering one from their Mini dealer.

The interior is largely copied and pasted from the 2 Door but occupants in the rear seats get improved legroom and cargo space is also enhanced. The rest of the cabin is a minimalist affair with Mini designers using strategic detailing to help the cabin project a modern personality. The heart of the interior is the centrally mounted 9.4-inch OLED display in the dashboard. The screen is where occupants will find the bulk of the Mini’s features but designers did sprinkle in several toggle switches below the screen that control items like the parking brake, gear selector, audio volume, and the gear selector.

What trim level you choose will also play a role in what materials you get inside with the base Essential package getting black fabric-covered sport seats, a two-spoke steering wheel, and a silver cover. Things get more interesting when you look at the Classic layout with these models getting a three-spoke steering wheel, a 2D knitted fabric material for the dashboard and doors, and faux leather upholstery. The spicier JCW variants get black faux leather and red accents as well as sportier trim elements to project the model’s track-ready nature.

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Performance remains a Cooper strong suit

A renewed focus on performance will continue to make the Cooper a strong pick for buyers

Performance for the 2025 Cooper 4 Door mirrors what you see in the 2 Door with the base Cooper getting a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder that makes 156 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. Some buyers might scoff at these figures, but they are still pretty good for a car like the 4 Door and the three-cylinder might surprise some drivers once they have the chance to get to know it better.

Buyers looking for more performance will have to move up to the Cooper S which gets a beefier turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 204 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque which helps the Cooper S make the sprint to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds. Mini’s announcement focused on European market models and there’s a chance that U.S. spec models might get different powertrains to help comply with U.S. emissions laws. Mini engineers also updated the suspension and steering with the 4 Door getting sharper handling manners as a result. Mini will offer 16, 17, and 18-inch wheels on the 4 Door but the 17 and 18-inch wheels will get wider tires to drive home the “go-kart style handling” that the brand has become known for. A manual transmission will be standard but buyers can also swap it out for a 7-Speed dual-clutch automatic.

Expect more details on the 2025 Cooper 4 Door to be revealed closer to its launch including final pricing information as well as when we can expect to see them making their way to U.S. showrooms.



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