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BMW’s M CEO Frank van Meel Says Electrified M3 “Will Beat Everything”

by | June 21, 2024

BMW M CEO says that M3 EV “will beat everything” as the German car giant boldly moves forward in its electrification plans.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse SAV - 2-shot by water

The Neue Klasse platform will underpin multiple vehicles including the next-generation 3-Series

With other automakers being forced to alter or revise their electrification plans due to changing market conditions and falling demand for EVs, BMW is confidently continuing to march boldly forward into the EV wars hoping that buyers will still take the plunge into the world of electrified driving.

That includes performance models with the company’s “Neue-Klasse” EV platform being the key component in making sure that BMW’s gamble on EVs doesn’t end up becoming a costly bust. Buyers of models like the M3 that might be concerned about those models losing some of their punch out on the track will be pleased to hear what M CEO Frank van Meel had to say with the exec confirming the M3 EV “will beat everything.”

Electrified M3 slated to punch above its weight class

BMW Vision Neue Klasse SAV - nose detail

A closer look at the new design language of the Neue Klasse X line.

This statement came during an interview that Meel did with Motortrend where he appeared to confirm several new details about the car. In the interview, Meel said that he was looking forward to getting the most performance out of the car’s quad-motor layout due to the ability to control the drivetrain and the chassis “with one central logic” indicating that computerized systems will play a prominent role in the new M car. The exec elaborated further stating that all of this will help create a “neutral, linear, and predictable performance car” that should be able to beat everything when tasked with doing so.

While some will dismiss Meel’s remarks as mere bluster, a separate statement by Frank Weber, BMW’s head of engineering and R&D appears to indicate the CEO is onto something. In his past statements, Werber claimed the electrified M model will make one megawatt of power which could mean it’ll have over 1,000 hp. In addition to the outrageous power output, Werber also said that the car will get unique battery chemistry and cooling as well as electric motors that would be exclusive to itself as well as an 800-volt architecture to help keep things running smoothly.

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Rear wheel drive is being considered

Rumors also point to BMW considering a rear-wheel drive version of the M3 to reduce weight and appeal to more customers.

A recent point of contention with M3 owners is the addition of all-wheel drive to recent M3 models. While all-wheel drive helps improve power delivery and allows the car to get this muscle to the road more efficiently, it also alters the driving experience and fans of pure rear-wheel drive offerings will notice the differences very quickly. Many performance EVs also get standard all-wheel drive for the same core reasons, but BMW appears to be listening to these concerns with separate rumors suggesting that the company is considering a rear-wheel drive variant that would be sold alongside the AWD version.

Such an offering would be lighter and promote a driving experience that allows customers to be able to drift the car easier especially in sweeping turns. This weight loss would also come with a decrease in power due to some of the electric motors being removed, but look for the EV to still have enough power for most buyers if BMW chooses to pull the trigger on this particular version of the M3 EV.

Prepare for a long wait

BMW i taking its time making the M3 EV and that includes making buyers wait until as late as 2027 to get one.

BMW for its part is keeping certain details about the Neue-Klasse 3-Series to itself but buyers will have to wait a while for it to arrive with the first of these models reaching dealerships in 2026. The M3 version will come after the standard model has a chance to establish itself in the marketplace and reports suggest that it will appear in dealer lots in 2027.

It will be interesting to see how much an electrified M3 would cost but look for the model to command a healthy premium when compared to an ICE-powered M3 with a base 2024 model starting at $76,995 with fees included.




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